Monday, September 27, 2010

Mondays List

Future Monday blog posts will consist of [hopefully] awesomeness-filled lists... About? Anything!

Todays list: At the weekend.

So many awesome action packed things happened this weekend, I wish I had my camera to document them all, I could have filled a whole album, and you wouldn't have known it was over one weekend either because I changed my outfit every few hours for each different event!

Girls Night
One of my besties got braces this weekend, she is so beautiful already, so we went around to her place, make yummy coctails (Pina Coladas, Cosmopolitans, Jaffa things, Fejoias = Delish!) watched Sex and the City and painted our nails. It was such a fab night!!

Project Change
First thing on Saturday morning about 10 members from our church went to a persons house who has a mental disability and we [mostly] cleaned up their yard! This person was unable to do the yard work themselves and was going to be evicted if it didn't get done soon. Team C3 to their aid, all the vines are gone, paths that have been buried under years of grass growth were reborn  and you could see the fence again. I love doing this sort of work for the community :)

My Mum calls it Drexerelles, but it's really just Drexels. We had a yummy Eggs Bene lunch at the Riccarton outlet catching up with my Mum and step dad, Harold. They live on the West Coast so we only see them a few times a year. Good catch ups. Family are awesome.

Graeme and I hardly ever go shopping, especially not together, and very rarely do we buy anything, but we found Graeme some cool new jeans that show off his nice bum (hehe) and a cool new hoodie. All bargins. Bring on more shopping!!

All the tickets to the Canterbury vs. Wellington game were FREE! Cool huh? We were right on the center line and enjoyed a really exciting game. Lots of ohhs and ahhs and jumping out of our seats with cheers. I love going to the games, I love the unity and togetherness that you experience while you are there.

Graemes uncle Brian celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday night and we went to the familys party local to join in the festivities. I love their parties. Lots and lots of relations, lots of kisses on the cheeks, lovely speeches full of respect, jokes and stories, maori speeches (that I can't understand but appreciate anyway) and maori songs (which I find so so awesome).

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