Monday, November 1, 2010

Camera Case Tutorial

Today I sewed my own new camera case. Disclaimer: I, in no way, consider myself a sewer. I took 3 years of it in highschool but have since forgotten everything except for the joy of creating your own pieces. Now when I sew, I figure it out as I go, most of it would be "politically incorrect" and would shock a few ladies, but I love the thrill of receiving a compliment and being able to say "thanks, I made it!"

Materials: 2x pieces of felt. I have never used felt before, but it was so easy and a lot of fun! I used a peach and bright blue, with orange thread and a fun button.

Step One: With the two pieces together I marked out the area where my camera would be and cut it to size. I left about 2 cm either side of the camera and left the top part to adjust later.

I straight stitched diagonally. I found due to the thickness of the felt I had to extend my stitched out so the tension wasn't as tight.

I didn't mark my lines out, but just free styled it. Some of my lines weren't parallel but overall it didn't matter.

I also didn't backstitch any of my lines because they were going to be hidden and restitched.

I did this both ways and trimmed off all the loose threads.

With the right sides facing, I folded the felt over and stitched and L over the felt, I used a 1.5 seam allowance and then trimmed triangles into the sides. 

I then cut my flap over to size, I made it a big triangle with a flat edge on top. I stitched super close to the edge to create a seam. I couldn't fold it over because the felt was too thick.

Because the felt is so thick I had to trim the corner right down so it wouldn't be puffy when it was turned the right way around.

Turn it to the right way out. For some reason, I wasn't able to make a proper button hole, so instead I cut a line in the felt. this will work with felt (and still isn't ideal), but probably with nothing else.

I attached my wee button and Ta-DA! Camera case! :)


  1. oOOo so cute! cool Soph :)

  2. That's so cute! I love the quilted look. I wish I could sew!


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