Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrating My Birthday

It was my birthday on Sunday. I love having my birthday at this time of year because here in Canterbury its "Show Weekend" which is a 3 day weekend for us. This means I always get to do something awesome on the weekend for my birthday. This year we were in Akaroa celebrating my mother in laws birthday with the family. 

I'm a little bit weird about birthdays. I dont like to make a big deal out of my own, but I love celebrating other peoples. I think birthdays should be the best day of the year, and they never are, so I am often disappointed. I've learnt not to get my hopes up so now I down play them. This year I turned 23, and the biggest gift was my baby daughter - I always wanted her by the time I was 23, and it happened! :) I dont expect presents, but I secretly hope for them. Graemes parents made us breakfast in bed and after I brushed my teeth I discovered a trail of candy hearts in the apartment. I followed them...

And they lead me to my beautiful daughter holding my gift from Graeme! Cute!!

It was a pretty normal day, except for the fact that people kept wishing me happy birthday. We travelled back to Christchurch in the afternoon and went to our night service at church. Afterwards I did the groceries and we went to our pastors house and ate indian.  Just a usual sunday. At 7am the next morning I realised no one sung me happy birthday* so Graeme did with his croaky morning voice :)

Another day, another year older.

But really, thank you for your birthday wishes, I dont mean to seem ungrateful.

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*My Mother would like you to know that she half sung me the song on the phone


  1. Happy birthday you young'un! So glad to hear everything is going well. xoxo

  2. happy belated birthday! I love the lolly trail and sweet baba prezzie wrapping!

  3. That baby girl is so gorgeous ... how beautiful. Happy Belated birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday love that baby with a pressie. I always hope for pressies too. I love pressies!


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