Friday, August 2, 2013

Julys Month

July has felt like the longest month of the year in deep dark winter with a new born, a toddler, rain outside and no transport. Some days have been very hard.

In the same respect it feels like I blinked and missed it because it's all been such a complete joy. Where did that time go? I'm scared I'm loosing it. Slow down time, slow down (but please don't go too slow!).

On the whole we're doing really well, I've been pleasantly surprised at how easy Katie appears to be - or is it that I'm easy? Or Milla is easy? Or Mr Moo is very helpful? I'm not sure. But things are working out and I like that.

On days like this where I am tired (we're been out all morning at Toddlerock and took our new buggy for a spin) and feeling that feeling you get when you know you're getting sick, the bench is a mess and I feel like I've done nothing all week I'm so glad for this blog. Its a record and it reminds me that life exists and is happening all the time. Just look at all those memories written down forever. Phew. So glad for this space!

So here's a recap incase you blinked like I did and missed July completely:

While I was cuddling my baby a bunch of AWESOME blog partners ran giveaways through my blog - We called it birth week celebrations and lots of you won awesome prizes! Hip Hooray!

After I got back from my blog "maternity leave" (hehe, I love that term, it makes me feel like I actually do something...) I recaped you on Katie's first day of life, the past two weeks of newborn life and told you all about Milla and Katies first meeting as sisters.

We also took our nappy bag and went out on our first outing together (in which a little boy yelled at me!)

Did you see the post with all the handmade baby gifts ? Incredible! The blessings just keep coming in. We've been given soooo many beautiful things. I wish I could show you everything! Thank you to everyone. Seriously. Blessed!!

After life slowed down a little and MrMoo went back to work Milla and I played with homemade play dough  (she loves it still, but the colours are still seperated! haha!), I also made some personalised pillowcases for our bed (Mr & Mrs Moo) and crochet up some woolly fingerless gloves - I wore them this morning on our chilly walk to TRock - So glad I had them!

THEN, suddenly, everyone grew up. I was forced to do Katie's 1 Month Update - a tradition I did for Milla and will carry on for Katie. It was a bittersweet moment having to write that. The girls grew together and I updated you on their baby - toddler sister relationship. & I gave Milla a haircut. Heh.

Wowweee, thanks for web-logs huh!


This month for my sponsor highlight feature I thought I would show you my current fav from their business. I have really brilliant sponsors, I hope you'll support them and buy from NZ businesses! 

From Qwerky Home I am loving their Home section (they also sell accessories, kids wares, stationary and small treasures) and this lime green chevron clock ($30)!

I've decided I need more things I love around me. More "ME" things. This must be me because I'm screaming "I love it!!"


I'm getting on the aqua bandwagon and loving this colour from More Than Fabric (also totally loving bright pinks and greens!), I have a piece of furniture to paint for Milla's birthday and I think she needs some cushions for her room in this Aqua Remix fabric to match! 

More Than Fabric is an online shop that sells... as their name suggests, more than fabric! 


Remember that pink I mentioned up there ^^ here it is, in all its colourful glory. These enamel earrings from Hello Lovely are in their Colour and Whimsy range ($15) - but the jewellery is so diverse there are so many different ranges to suit different styles.

In the mean time, while I crave the fresh outdoors and the sunshining I'm loving the colour and whimsy range. Its just... right.

Thank you Hello Lovely!


Scamps Boutique (all things eco Mama and Baby) are right on trend with these sandwhich cutters ($7.90) - Have you seen the Bento craze around the place? If you're into making you little peoples lunches super cute and edible then you'll need these cutters! Jigsaw pieces, penguins, elephants! Rar! CUTE! 


Hazel Loves Design is all things trendy, indy, and all about local businesses. She's just launched an online emporium featuring local artisans. (As well as being the creator of Hazed Magazine!)

I'd love me some of these ombre hand dipped wooden spoons ($20 for three). Yes, yes I would. 


WOW. I wasn't aware my styling is so colourful and bright! I'm feeling happier already seeing such beautiful products on my blog! 

Here's to a happy and safe month of August! Lots of exciting things will be happening here, including a trip away, Millas SECOND birthday, the onset of spring (yippeee!) and a super secret ninja Sisterhood mission along with interviews with beautiful generous ladies!

love, Sophie x


  1. OH- I love those wooden spoons! Might have to have a nosey and stock up on early birthday and Christmas presents.


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