Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Organising My Space - Laundry

Er. Hi. I can't believe I'm posting this, but you know, I'm always learning new things about myself. So here I am, showing you my dirty laundry in the hopes of winning some Tupperware from Simone at Great Fun 4 Kids.

She's hired a professional organiser recently and blogged about it, and well, I got the guilts.

We live in an apartment, and we've never really invested in storage solutions. We're still starting out, ya know. Also, storage seems like a weird thing to spend our limited money on.

But. It's been driving me insane recently. With all the stuff that toddlers and babies collect, i'm just about doing my head in. I kind of pride myself on limiting the clutter, its just the storing of stuff we do need that I'm not so good at.

So the day after reading Simone's post I found myself at the Warehouse, buying shelving units and draws for a bargain price. I can't believe it's taken this many years to get my cr*p off the floor.

Let me start by saying, even though we don't have a tub or a dryer, I consider myself very blessed to have this laundry. It's behind a door which is most uncommon for apartment living. Everyone else in our block has their washing machine in their bathroom. We are lucky to be able to hide away our piles of dirty clothes!

Most of the stuff in my laundry I don't actually use. It's just there. 

So out with the nappy bucket we don't need for a while (Millas in big girl knickers now!), it's been sanitised and is now in my office area. Out with the cleaning products I don't use and out with the woollens waiting to be handwashed. The buckets were removed, but have since come back to fit between the basket and shelves.

In comes a shelving unit for first aid and medicines (imported from the bathroom to make more space there)(below), a fabric draw to store the woollens for washing (yes mum, I'm getting to them!)(middle) and up top, laundry powder, vaccum bags and polishers (imported from the kitchen to make more space there).

Thanks so much Simone for that kick in the back side! Coming up later in the week, my bathroom! (no pressure to read these, seriously. Oh the shame!)


  1. Well done, Sophie. Where did you end up storing the items that you will need again in a few months? I quite agree about the laundry being the dumping ground for unused items. In this house, not only is it a laundry, it is also where broken household furniture and small appliances come to die and I'm not allowed to throw them out because they "might" be useful one day. We have no garage, so it's also the toolshed. It's not pretty. I'm a bit scared to go in there.

    1. The only thing I removed was the buckets (they are now back in there though), and the nappy bin - the reusable nappy bin has become a rubbish bin (after being dettoled! lol) for my sewing bits. We'll use it again in the future when Katie gets into the reusables!
      ACK, if things break, they're GONE around here.

  2. Well done! I am tackling my laundry this week as well. Simone has been great at getting me motivated!

  3. Your laundry is about the same size at ours - not much space, nor fun! The main difference is that we're lucky enough to have a small cupboard above the washing machine to store the cleaning stuff in... I have always lamented the lack of space (our drier lives in our downstairs bathroom, and we also use the sink as a tub if necessary), but Simone's post also inspired me that the space CAN be used effectively and well! Your post is also inspiring... now to find the time to so something about it!

  4. Our laundry is also in a cupboard... there was a whole lot of space above the washer and the tub, it's about twice the width of yours, but with the doors, there's no storage in front of them. The buckets wouldn't fit except on the washer or in the tub. I asked the landlord if we could put a shelf in above the washing machine and they said, yes. Sweet :)

    I wonder.... if your landlord would let you do the same? I can imagine the shelves you bought on their side and screwed to the wall above the washing machine, if it were narrow enough. Just a thought.

    I so should do a post on my laundry too...

  5. I love it sophie! I've also added a linky for the Spring declutter - I didn't originally cos I didn't know if anyone would join me in blogging about decluttering, but since a couple of you gals have I've added a linky - I hope you add your posts to it!

  6. I would get permission to put shelves up above the washing machine and use the side walls too. We rent, we always have. I always make my own modifications to houses I'm living in (including painting at my own cost) and seem to get away with it. Good luck. Cath Day


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