Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy 25!

Oh hey, today is the 13th of November! That means its my BIRTHDAY! Yahoo!!

25 years on this planet, lucky huh!! 

Honorable thanks go to my parents for bringing me into this world. Being a 5th kid, i'm pretty lucky to be here really! 

This morning I've been to our church womens group, they all sang me happy birthday and gave me flowers, then had lunch with my dad, sis in law and niece.

I'm about to clean up the house and will await my handsome hubs coming home from work! I have a new dress from Breastmates and everything to wear tonight! I hope something exciting is happening!

No pictures from this year to show you, this photo above is from the champagne breakfast I threw last year for my birthday with my closest girls. (I never ended up showing you sorry!) Except I ended up drinking sparkling grape juice and announcing to them all that I was with child! Exciting! No news like that this year! ha! 


  1. happy birthday pretty mama xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it was super special and you have a wonderful blessed year ahead of you x


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