Sunday, December 15, 2013

Katie Update: Month 5

(Just pretend like I'm not posting this almost a month later, these photos were taken on her 5 month old celebration day!)

Tatie!! The sweetest baby that ever did live! You are our little precious! Maybe it's because you're the youngest, but I just want to keep you little for as long as I can! 

I was always so eager for Milla to grow up, always dressing her in bright colours and big girl clothes, always looking foward to the next milestone. But you? You're often in whites and baby pinks (something I never dressed Milla in). You just look so sweet as a little bubba. So innocent and precious. Ahhh you melt my heart!!

You're still a socialite and show no judgement to whoever has you. You're much more alert now and will spend a whole Toddlerock or church session awake, smiling, looking around, just being you. And then when we get home, crasssh, you'll sleep the hours away.

You're still having around 3 naps a day if we're able to stick to our usual day. Waking around 6am and going to bed for the whole night at around 6pm. Yes, I have it very very very lucky!!! I've been going out a bit at night this month and it's so nice to do so while I know you're sleepy soundly and happily without me :) 

You've been planking this last week, you get right up on your tippy toes like you're doing push ups. You're SO strong!! 

You've also tried your first (pureed) solids; rice cereal, pumpkin, kumera and pears. Yum yum to them all I think you're saying! You like to grab the spoon and do it yourself and you will gobble up as much as I give you! Milla loves to watch you eat your food, and when i'm not looking she'll try and slip you a cookie or fruit bar!

Stay strong little Katie! And eat eat eat, you're going to need lots of energy if you're going to crawl soon! 

We love you, xxx

(click on the "katie updatie" link below to see previous months)

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  1. Awwww Cute Lil baby,Wow.
    Your blessed to have this bundle of Fun.
    Merry Christmas


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