Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Colourful Mixed Crochet Blanket Reveal

Be prepared to feast your eyes on a whole lot of colour and snuggly goodness, that is, my eclectic mixed crochet blanket!

She's taken me 6 months to complete but I never once felt uninspired, or lacked motivation to complete her, which often happens towards the end of my blanket making process. Instead, a lack of time, priorities and circumstances got in the way, frustrating me. But as it was a labour of love, I joyfully picked up my hook when I could and slowly worked away at her.

I originally pinned this blanket a year ago, and lamented on Twitter at how I wish I could create such a beautiful thing, and afford so much wool. Usually my blankets are made from acrylic, the cheaper option, and are fairly simple.

After Katie was born I needed to fill a creative gap in my life (such is what happens after birth, the greatest creation of all), and decided this was the project for it. I've wanted to expand my crochet knowledge but didn't know what kind of projects to do it on, this was perfect!

I wanted it to be for our couch, I'm building a nice little collection of homemade blankets for us to snuggle under in the cold months, and winter is always coming so there is always a need for more blankets!

I already had a blanket I preferred, one that Miriam had made that I felt was a perfect size for us tall-ies, so I used that as my base to get the chain length that I wanted. 

180 chains long, I took a guess at the multiples I would need. I'm not to good at math, and couldn't work out how many clusters I would need, so I took a guess and figured I would work it out in the following rows. (does anyone have any cheats way of doing this that they could explain to me? I should have continued math in high school... regrets!)

I used little woolies "pattern" as a guide, but soon realised she just repeated the same 2 or 3 stitches each time, and I wanted to learn moooore! I tried to order the book she was working from but couldn't buy it online from anywhere, and none of our libraries here stocked it. So I ditched her and just went with whatever mood struck. I figured out what hdc looked like in single rows, then double rows, then back and forward etc etc. (hdc is now my new favourite standard stitch) 

I also added in a tapestry dot pattern, also of little woolies. I used the term "pattern" loosely, because they're quite vague, and her patterns often miss chunks of information and detail from them. 

And then, joyfully, worked on my border, which alone took 4 balls of wool to work up. I decided on a pom pom edging, using Once Upon A Pink Moon's pom pom tutorial, which is quite fabulous I have to say! 2 pom poms in and I was a master! That and a row of turquoise, hot pink and baby pink nestled underneath in alternating rows. 

Altogether she is a big lump of colourful wool, woven and hooked into something quite dreamy-out of this world-breaking all the crochet granny rules, and I absolutely LOVE her. 

In fact, as I sit here typing, she is keeping me warm during a 100yr storm that is blowing over our way. She's already part of our family and when Camilla sees her she promptly says "Mummy crochet 'dis"

Also, incase you're interested, I steam blocked her using Attic 24's explained method (at the very bottom of her post). Out of all the blocking methods I've tried, this works the best for me. It makes my crochet so soft and flexible, and allows it to hold its shape. If you're not addicted to blocking yet, try it out!

So are you ready for the grand reveal?! My eclectic mixed crochet blanket in all of her glory?

6 months
23 balls of wool
11 different colours
4 mm hook
148cm * 146cm

 (she looks a bit wobbly in this photo, she's not that bad I should have stretched her out more, it's just she has a few womanly curves!)

Thank you so much for following along on this crochet journey with me! 

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  1. You really have done SO well! A hearty congratulations indeed! There is something rather satisfying finishing a slow burn project (I felt the same when I finished Pipi's hexi quilt) and you learn so much doing something like this too! Well done! x

  2. you my dear are amazing! what a gorgeous colourful masterpiece. xx

  3. Fantastic! I'm loving all those bright colours

  4. This blanket is soooo beautiful! What a work of art & labour of love! The colors are gorgeous and all the patterns work beautifully. I just finished my first ever crochet blanket! Very inspiring!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Well done!

  6. That looks fantastic Sophie! You must be so pleased with it, and yourself!

  7. This is so awesome Sophie! The satisfaction from a long term project is something else isn't it. I'm sure it will be a cherished blanket for many years to come. Lisa xx

  8. Love, love, love this Sophie!! Well done on an amazing project beautifully finished. When you say hdc - are you using the American terminology?

  9. Sophie! It's incredible! You deserve to feel proud. Amazing.

  10. Sophie I have to say that is the crochet blanket that would convince me to give crochet a go. Easily the most appealing crochet blanket I've seen on the interwebs. It's a wonderful job and a 6month-love-for-a-lifetime achievement. Well done!! Applauds wildly. BTW I did quite a bit of high school maths (except in my last year) and I probably could work out those kind of things but they numb my mind so much I can't even summon the strength to bother - wing it, that's my way!! :o) xxxx

  11. Sophie this is colour me beautiful and 6 months wow go you!
    I haven't even finished my ripple I started *cough* 2 years ago

  12. OMG - I am so not into crochet nor anything of the sort - but this blanket *almost* makes me want to learn. It is AMAZING! Well done to you!

  13. Hi have just discovered your gorgeous blog/website through a friend who has forwarded me info about your fabulous Cambodian dresses idea. I just wanted to send you a quick not to say how much I'm enjoying looking through your beautiful crochet work especially. I'm a complete crochet addict and I have just fallen in love with your blanket! The pom pom edging is perfect. I've just completed a very large blanket for my seven year old daughter and we've been umming and ahhing over edgings. I can't wait to show her your blanket when she gets home from school.

    Thank you for the inspiration!



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