Friday, April 11, 2014

Katie Updatie - Month 8

Crawling didn't last long as the "new thing", you were quick to progress onto pulling to stand shortly after that. You're a fast mover, just like your big sis. You've got lots of guts too. I don't think much will stop you in life Katie. There's something about your spirit that just wants to give things a go.

You learnt to wave this month. A super cute, rotating queen like wave. It's adorable and melts my heart every time. You learnt it in your high chair, and then figured out thats what we do at bedtime too. And now, because its so adorable, you just do it when you're sitting in your capsule to get anyones attention. 

Here's a little weird story, theres been two instances when you've repeated words back to us that have sounded just like what we said. The first was when you were just a newborn, maybe only two weeks old. We were skyping Amy and Raj in London and as we said his name, you squeaked "raj" back. WHAT. We couldn't believe our ears. 

Just this month, I was standing over your Daddy holding you and we were saying goodnight to him, he was blowing kisses to you saying "kisses" and then YOU said KISSES. No. joke. seriously. you did!!! You left us speechless!

You are sharing a room with Milla, you have every night since you upgraded from the basinet in our bedroom. Usually Milla will sneak out in the morning and find something to entertain herself with while you sleep on for another half hr or so. 

One particular morning this month I woke up to the sound of hilarious laughter, you were both cracking up, soo loudly. I smiled to myself and let you both continue on with whatever was so funny. Only to get up 5 minutes later and to find that Camilla had pulled every single item of hers and your clothing out of your drawers and thrown it on the floor. You both thought it was the funniest thing everrr! (I had a little chuckle too, after the clean up!)

As in the picture above, you've lost the dark hair you were born with and its regrowing in quite fast. Some times it looks blonde, sometimes dark, and some times ginger. You've got lots of long wiry bits on top, just like me. Ask Nana Ngaire to show you some photos one day and have a good laugh at me when I was a little girl!

Every Wednesday morning I go to a womens connect group at Church. They run a creche for all the Mamas to pop their kids in, run by the lovely Vynnie. I've just started leaving you in there by yourself this month. Usually you hang out with me in the group of ladies, but not any more! You seem to love it in there with all the other kids and toys and you don't look back for me for one second!

You like to eat most of your foods by yourself, so most of what you get is in finger food form. You are still breastfeeding but you much prefer solids and aren't particularly attached to me for my milk! Your favourite solids are pineapple, beetroot, plums and eggs.

Carry on Katie, as you were.

Big loves, from Mama xx

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Katie's dolly is from Creative Mama's felt shop, Mrs Aldridge


  1. Katie sound quite character - with lots of humour and a stron will to get her where she wants to go!

  2. Growing soo quickly Katie! Such a happy content wee bubba!!
    Aww your girls are going to LOVE reading these as they grow Soph. Beautiful x


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