Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Great British Sewing Bee and a Crafty Update

I have just finished watching the Great British Sewing Bee Season 3. Weeee!! I really really need to talk to someone about it! Have you watched it?! The show just fills me with so much inspiration and fuzzies, I feel like I need to watch all the series again, take down notes and patterns, and then get cracking with my life.

This was definitely my favourite moment of the series, two men helping one of the ladies work out her pattern. Aren't sewing people in general just so wanting to share what they have with the world??!

If you haven't watched Season 3, you can find it here on youtube. (terrible quality). OR start with Season 1 here.  (also on YouTube). If you're into sewing, you'll enjoy it.

Mostly, TGBSB inspires me to just start on something I've never done before. All of the sewers can create beautiful garments from just a pattern and winging it.

It turns out, I do have some sewing guts! I tried my first go at sewing knits last week on a whim! I've had the fabric and pattern sitting in my "to do" pile for 6+ months, I've been too scared of making mistakes (I've heard knits can be tricky), but I just thought I'm going to do it! NOW!

So I sat down, cut out the pattern and an hour and a bit later Milla had some fun new trackpants to wear! Pattern is Lazy Day Lounge Pants without the big waist band, but I'll definitely be doing the wide band around the top next time.

It turns out knits aren't toooo scary, and I'm planning my next go at them to keep the momentum going. Maybe a little sweatshirt with some of the left over fabric, or a knit tunic like this one for me!?

I also decided after dinner some time last week that I was sick of a whole cupboard being taken up by plastic bags so I got to work and whipped this up while the girls were reading bed time stories with their Dad! I've been meaning to make this for years. And here it is, just like that.

I just used bits of fabric from previous makes, some elastic, and it was good to go! MrMoo was pretty chuffed when he told me he made when he was 11, and therefore had beaten me at sewing! ;)

I like sewing things like this, because I think these are the things you remember from your childhood, right? I think my girls might grow up remembering that old bright plastic bag holding the swung around inside the pantry door. 

I'm trying to get some of my projects off the shelves and get them done (so that I can start more!!!), so I've just drafted up a table fort I've been wanting to make the girls since the new year! It'll be lots of fun in the winter I'm sure! 

So thats whats on my sewing table right now! Let me know if you watch the GBSB and we can talk about all the different garments (ps, SKANKLETS!? My word!!)

Sophie x


  1. Great sewing - I think knits are awesome and easy to sew!!

  2. I know I love the show too! Matt has a blog just in case you haven't found it, he has lots of sewing bee updates on it plus loads of cool projects www.sewwhatsnew.co.uk

  3. loved the latest season - best so far and the skanklets!!???? What was he thinking?? LOVED it - good for you for taking the leap. x

  4. I will be watching when I have some time!!!! Then we can coffee date and plan our next projects!


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