Monday, August 3, 2015

Polka Dot Dress

Earlier this year my little niece was born in London.

Last week my Dad and his Partner went over to the Big Smoke to meet her and do some travelling for a few months.

With him, I sent along this little dress for her to wear this summer (the one they are currently in)(a teeny 3-6months size) and a picture Camilla drew.

After pondering Camilla said "Maybe she would like to visit NewZealand, it's very beautiful here." Ain't that the truth. Maybe soon ;)

This is my 7th Savannah Dress I've made in the last year! I don't even need to read the instructions now ;) It's such a great dress, if you're looking for a versatile pattern for beginners you can't go past this one!

Savannah Dresses that I have made
Buy the Savannah Dress pattern for yourself

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