Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Weekend with the Girls


Graeme was away for a few days with his friends celebrating a 30th birthday, and the girls and I embraced the weekend and had a lot of simple fun together.

Usually I try and skip through the day as fast as possible. I get much more excited about life's big events than the every day. In fact, I find very little joy in the everyday, this has been a real challenge for me in my parenting and raising my children. So often my eyes are above the day, dreaming about some big thing happening soon, willing away the hours. Only to realise the hours have gone and another month has passed, and I wonder where that time went.

Lately I've been trying to lower my gaze, get my head out of the clouds and see a little joy in front of me. I've been trying to see my children through their eyes, this is their childhood they are living. These ARE the big moments for them.

So anyway, at the weekend we slowed down. We went to the park and rode bikes with a friend. We had another friend come to stay for the afternoon and evening. We played with water, made daisy chains, watched movies, played in the bath, rode the bus to church, had a food court lunch, bused home and counted kowhai trees on our way (zero).

The weekend was simply: Wonderful.

I enjoyed my girls, and I think they enjoyed me being fully present in their (little) BIG moments. Now if only I could carry on this way of living everyday...


  1. Love this, it's hard to keep this sentiment in mind at times so thanks for the reminder. Your girls have grown so much since I last checked in here.

  2. It is hard to sometimes love in the moment - with or without children. well done on a gentle weekend with your beautiful girls

  3. Gorgeous girls and such mini-me's of you! So glad you had a great weekend with a different approach. A few years ago I decided to find one great thing about everyday and write it down (that's how my blog started!)... It changed a lot for me and what resulted was the days becoming filled with joy as I was constantly looking for the happy and joyful and after some more time... I didn't have to "look" for it anymore. Of course I fell off the wagon at times and life has it's ebbs and flows... but I always come back to that and things improve. I hope you are able to find more joy in your everyday xx

  4. Loved everything about this Sophie ... Becoming the Mamas we want to be ... I'm sure that's a linky our beloved Miriam had
    You and your girls are beautiful


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