Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Camilla Makes

Give camilla a cellotape dispenser, some paper and some felts and she'll be busy for hours.

When we are out and about, she muses out loud in the car as to what she can "create" when she gets home. She spends hours at her desk, every single day. 

She is determined, quiet, focussed and productive when she is creating. Not a lot can pull her out of her zone.


A fridge, with opening flap at the top and shelves to hold different flavoured milks; Carrot milk, strawberry milk, banana milk, coffee milk and a cup.

Watering can::



The creating continues...

Camilla: Aged 4.5


  1. WOW - what a creative young girl - I am in awe of her creativity.

  2. She is a STAR! So clever and creative. What a cutie x

  3. So clever Camilla! Our little creators will be the inventors and discoverers of the future, those that use their initiative, think outside the box and solve problems. Creativity is such an important thing to nurture! Well done Mama!


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