Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Well, let me tell you! I have had the best weekend!

Mostly, I watched a lot of Lost (up to season 3.5, don't spoil it) but that also involved awesome friends, some quality time with the Hubs, great food, Church and celebrations, hot cross buns, creme eggs, BBQs, board games and card games, awesome weather and general happiness <3

Graeme and I managed to slip in some time to eat ice-creams in Sumner while doing some Earthquake tourism (We haven't really gotten out much and seen the city to be honest). It was wonderful and the sun was just setting.

(Taken on Graeme's iPhone)

On [resurrection] Sunday we had 2 Church services to attend. After the morning service we had a great big [free] feast. Graeme and I were on Potato Salad Serving Duty (we were the best). I'm not sure how many people were there, but they filled up our whole auditorium and it was honestly such a delight to have them in Church to celebrate Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection! I seriously met so many new people who have been coming to our Church for a few weeks now and somehow they had evaded my eyeline. So glad I got to meet many people and make some new friends! It seems C3 is growing right under our noses.   

  (Photos taken curtosy of Matt Lang of

 (Photos taken curtosy of Matt Lang of

 (Photos taken curtosy of Matt Lang of

At the end of both Church services we also celebrated Baptisms - a bunch of people were baptised symbolising their death to sin and resurrection into Gods Grace! What a special weekend to be baptised too! Congratulations if that was you!

I have so much to be thankful for on the anniversary of my saviours betrayal, death and resurrection - but mostly I am thankful that it was him who took up the cross when certainly, I should have been there. For all of my sins, I deserve that death. The difference is, I would have been guilty and I would still be in the tomb. Thankfully, Jesus was guilty of nothing, was the Son of God and he rose from the dead, sealing our salvation. What a man!

Happy Easter!

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