Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Surprising Sisterhood Response

All of you blogging ladies are a wonderful part of my life. I feel blessed to be surrounded by your inspiring and wise words, your creativity, your different ways of parenting, your honesty, and most of all your generosity. Every. Single. Day.

You bless me in ways you will probably never know, because you are abundant and you overflow.

Incase you missed it, I put out a call to our Sisterhood. I had this crazy mental idea that perhaps we could use some of that over flow and intentionally bless others. I know!

I posted on my blog very very late one night when I should have been sleeping. I finally fell asleep excited and nervous. What had I started? What if I couldn't follow through? What if something *amazing* happened because of it? I woke up the following morning and was overwhelmed by emails in my inbox. Curious people, people with big hearts, ladies offering their love and talents, others offering their finances. Gossssh.

I already had in mind a little plan, and I emailed a few other bloggers specifically. Not bloggers who read my musings here, or even know of me. I'm sure I was a surprise in their inbox too. A surprise asking for something. That's the best kind of surprise, right?? Well, I was surprised by the response. So many surprises!!

Who the heck knew that if you put it out there - people would respond!??! Perhaps most people are generous, but most just need an opportunity? Anyway. The point is that we are currently in the sneaky process of blessing someone and I wanted to publicly thank those who joint the sisterhood, and I wanted to send out another invite:

Thank you! And would you like to join us?

You can email me for more details to help out a fellow sister ( We are all a community here, a big creative, generous, bursting at the seams with abundance, family who looks after each other. And hey, if you don't consider yourself in that overflowing category and you think you could use some help too, why not email me as well? We'll see what the sisterhood can come up with! :)

My new lesson; You never know until you ask. And there is no shame in asking.


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