Monday, February 27, 2012

Zariahs Response

I consider it a huge honour to know you. You who are kind, outward focussed, generous, willing; You warm my heart in ways nothing else can with your call to action.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for responding to Zariahs Journey.

Zariah is 3 years old and is being treated in Christchurch for lukemia. Her pregnant Mum and Dad are down here with here with her. I'm sure at this very moment there are dozens of stories so similar to their family's but at this moment it is Zariah who has been brought to my attention and I called a pon you, The Sisterhood. And boy did you respond. 

Gifts have been sent and donated to Zariah and her parents, I'm waiting for a few more in the post this week and then I will be going to visit the family on your behalf. I know of a few women in Christchurch who heard Zariahs story and took it a pon themselves to visit bearing gifts already. You are wonderful.

If you would like to respond you still can, there is still time. See this post for some ideas or come up with something you would like to donated yourself :)

I never wanted The Sisterhood to be about praise. I thought to give praise to that would be silly because we would just be doing what we are called to do (if we are able). However, through the last 2 women we have blessed and now this little girl and her parents I really really feel that you go above and beyond 'the call' and for that I am honoured to know you. You know, when I post these things here on my blog I am always so surprised at every comment. "People read my words!?" I think. It is a real blessing to me to know that someone might be interested in what I have to say. So imagine my surprise and overwhelming joy when I actually get emails in my inbox from people all over the country telling me they want to help some one they have never met before. Oh. My. Goodness. So for that I praise you. Thank you for hearing the call and responding.

If you aren't able to respond at this point in time I hope that one day that might change and you too will experience the joy of giving. It really is such a joy. In the mean time you can head over to the original post and leave a comment for the family if you like. Hazel is showing the encouraging comments to the parents :) And I thank you, even for just reading this post and getting this far without getting annoyed at me for asking for something!

This certainly isn't for everyone, but if it is and you are able I do hope you'll read Zariahs Journey and read how you might be able to respond.

Bless you. Bless you.

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