Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healing Souls

Just a cute photobooth picture - this girl has me completely smitten and in love

I believe giving to others can heal their souls.

 As well as meeting physical needs giving can also meet emotional needs. Like I've said, often times its less about the physical gift and more about the intention and heart behind it. It lets another know that they are not alone, there are people who care about them. Perhaps the gift is a sign that things can and will and are getting better.

In everything I do I want to be doing it with God. In every gift I give I want God to be in it because He is the greatest healer.

Some times this is a little bit tricky. I want everyone to be involved in The Sisterhood, I don't want for it to be an exclusive christian sisterhood. Its all inclusive. Anyone can give and anyone can receive. I know for sure that being generous is not limited to religious beliefs (although it can often help). That doesn't mean that God is not involved, even though I'm not saying "God bless you every chance I get"

I think God is much more subtle than that. He doesn't need me to throw his name down peoples throats. God can work and heal people without me even mentioning His name. Even though sometimes I do and sometimes I don't mention His name, he is in all and through all. He is in every bag of clothes, every dollar, every cup of coffee, even if the person donating them doesn't have a relationship with God, I do, and my prayer for the Sisterhood is that God would do something miraculous with the lives we are able to reach. And you know maybe just a smile is a miracle for that particular day. Every situation is different and I am honoured to be able to make a way for a miracle and an opporunity.

Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing our God cannot do.

Like I said, it's an honour to be involved in this little initiative. Its an honour that God would use me to reach out to his people, Its an honour that you would trust me with your goods. It's humbling, consuming, fulfilling and every other 'ing' you could think of. This is more than "social justice". This is reaching ordinary people where they are and giving them a little bit of HOPE.


  1. I think what you are doing is wonderful. Wish I could do something to help, but at this time that's not possible. I try to do my bit to help those around me. I think that Heavenly Father watches over us all and does work through others, even when they may not realise it, to bless the lives of others. I love that you are out there doing something and know that you will be blessed for what you are doing. Sometimes the blessings come in the strangest ways and we get more out of doing for others than they get out of our giving, if you know what I mean.

  2. Beautiful words, i'm not a believer but doesn't mean we don't love as hard & care as much. Love your Sisterhood concept, bravo, i think sharing/ giving/ caring heals both - giver & receiver too, love Posie


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