Monday, April 23, 2012

On Cloth Nappies

Lately I have been cloth diapering Camilla up - She's more solid; It's MUCH easier to clean up (but still kinda gross), and its much cheaper. I read an article a wee while ago on the impact of chemical disposable nappies and it shocked me - but not enough to go cold turkey. I was convicted, but not that convicted. So, I've started using the cloth diapers we bought before she was born, we got them all on sale from one of those daily deal sites, and a few we bought second hand from Trade Me.

I would love to start using them more (we only average about 1 a day at this stage - but still, thats 7 nappies a week we've saved on! Thinking of positives people!) so I'm wondering if you have any tips and tricks to make life easier when doin' the cloth...

How do you store them when they are clean or dirty? What do you wash them in? Do you wash them all together or include them in ordinary loads? Does your baby sleep with them at night? Other helpful info?

I figure my bum was covered in nice flannelette cloth all the time, it can't be that hard, can it?

Please leave comments with what you or people you know of do! Thanks! :)



  1. There's nothing cuter than a big cloth nappy bottom on a bebe!

    We use insert nappies, which I love. As soon as they're dry, I stuff them, so they're ready to go at changing time; our change table is a proper table so I just keep them beside the change mat. When dirty, I store them in a lidded bucket in the laundry. I usually wash them with towels or sheets (a warmer wash than I do clothes) unless I've been slack and we're running out; if any are badly soiled I rinse/scrub, then soak in a bucket of cold water overnight (I find products like Napisan irritate Tiny's bottom, so don't use them). Besides, sunlight is your best stain-removing friend! Using less laundry powder than normal helps them retain absorbency, too. We use flushable liners.

    Oh, and we use a disposable at night, but probably should get back into using reusables now that he's bigger and pees less.


  2. I used to use flushable liners, made things a lot easier. Dispose of solids, seperate the inserts from the pocket nappy and into a bucket until washing day - was daily with 2 in cloth but usually every 2-3 with only 1 using them. I used to stuff the nappies at night while watching tv. I don't think I spent more than 15 minutes a day on them.

    Never soaked, occasionally I would give the nappies a hot wash and strip them but it was all pretty simple. Much easier than using the old cloth nappies our parents used back in the day anyway.

    1. Thanks! I've already gone out and bought a new bucket with lid for the laundry! :)

  3. I used cloth when the boys were that age. I used a combination of pocket nappies and fitteds with covers which I sewed from my own pattern. I washed them in a warm wash, solids were popped down the loo and if it was a nasty nappy then I'd rinse it off under the laundry tap before putting them in the washing machine. I'd wash them with other stuff quite often; just whatever clothes needed washing as I figured most of the clothes had worn poo when we were using sposies anyway so it wasn't going to hurt them.
    I used Next Generation powder which worked well for us and I know it saved us a fair bit; when eldest was day trained but wetting every night till he was 8 I went with fitteds which worked well for him. A bit whiffy in the morning so I'd often rinse before washing for those too.

    1. sposies :) Cute :)

      Whats next generation powder?

  4. We used prefold cloth nappies ( bubs & disposables at night.
    Disposable liners are great. Good soaking & washing info here:

    Good luck - I just never liked the idea of bubs having the chemicals of disposables on all day.

    R : )

    1. Thanks for the links! Velco looks like such a great idea!
      I hope you and your new addition are having some time to gaze loveingly into each others eyes ;)

  5. Cloth nappy user for both of mine and they both seemed to toilet train really well and reasonably early if that helps with the motivation. Also there is still stuff used in disposables that they have taken out of tampons because of TSS!! We used a dry bucket a panty liner or cotton ball with some lavendar or other essential oil soaked in on the inside of the bucket roof helps with the smell. Flushable liners also make life way less icky.... if you want a full run down on cloth nappies I'm more than happy to have a nappy coffee! or chekc out thenappynetwork they have some good stuff.

  6. We use prefolds with bummis covers. The only disadvantage is that the velcro is beginning to lose its stick after 3 years of constant use. I believe that Real Nappies have a 2 child guarantee- if the nappy system is guaranteed to last for 2 children!
    Like Miriam, I'm happy to show you what we have and to discuss what we do as far as cloth nappies are concerned...

  7. Hellloo!!
    Im using peapods on Will- Have been from about 2months old. And we love them! I do the washing everyday as i have a easy washing machine. We use a night booster at night time (its a little insert for extra absorbency) And when he does the number 2, we flick off contents into toilet then pop in bucket ready to be washed.

  8. Yay for cloth! Im the mum behind BeBops, you may know about them through Holly... shes been my super helper :) Anyhoo they are pocket nappies, so have an opening in the back for the absorbant inserts. I just pull the inserts out, and rinse off any poo from the nappy into the laundry sink. Then put the nappy and inserts into a dry bucket with a lid, no soaking. I use Rockin Green to wash with. So every 2-3 days (depending on how many nappies you have) i do a cold rinse, then a cold wash with 1 1/2 Tbsp of RG. Then hang out in any sun you can find ;) The sun is amazing for getting rid of any left over staining, and sanitises them as well. Good luck, and great work using cloth. And you know that using 1 a day will save 365 disposables going to landfill a year, and that is pretty awesome.

  9. Just saw this post now - I use cloth for both my 2 and love it... I use a disposy overnight though. I love the baby cheeks brand from Farmers (pocket nappy) they have extra leg elastic so the same nappy can be used from birth thru to toilet training! (Actually I hope Farmers still stock them, haven't needed to buy any more in a while!) I used disposables for the first 2 weeks of the kids lives then leapt into cloth! Love it :)


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