Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sisters, we couldn't put this off any longer. We have had a few weeks break and now we are back into it. The truth is these stories in my inbox make my heart hurt. They ache. They are heavy. I read them and I think "How could we not do anything??"

At the same time they are also a happy burden. Knowing that we are actually doing something to eleviate some stress, bring about a few smiles, provide a date night for a burnt out couple. That brings me the greatest joy. You too?

Lets read this poem together, written by Cass Henderson...

That is why we are doing this. Our Sisters need us right now, and no is the time for giving if you are able. If you are in that season of life, even if its just an extra chocolate block in this weeks groceries, please help a Sister out.

Below are the details for the ladies in our next LOVE BOMB. Last time we started with 5 and extended it to 6. This time we are starting with 10. If we receive donations above and beyond that I have the details of more ladies who could use a blessing. I know we can do it! (p.s, a lot of these ladies are in the north island, thats just the way the nominations worked out.)

Here I introduce to you strong, beautiful, courageous women:

**Like their names? ;)

The Details:

  • My email address is
  • Please email me if you would like to give to any of these ladies
  • Once emailed I can supply you with either my postal address or bank details
  • All postage to get your gifts to me is at your own cost
  • All money donated goes 100% to the recipient in either vouchers or put towards something big we think they might like
  • If you are stuck for ideas of gifts to send I can always give you a few hints.
  • You have TWO WEEKS from today to get anything to me. That's the 18th of July.
  • Head over to The Sisterhood Facebook Page - there I'll be sharing photos and updates as things arrive.


  1. I'm all in Sophie. Also want to check if you want to do a beauty review I got sent that I won't do...

    1. Lovely to see you this morn! Loved your boys volcanoes! Heehee

  2. Good stuff sophie, i'll get a package together for you this week.sorry to be a pain tho, can you remind me of the postage address? Ta x

  3. This is awesome Sophie.
    I just heard of a mum in our school (I don't know her personally) who has been given a few months to live. She has had cancer treatment before, but now its come back they have sent her home, nothing more they can do. Is there anything more heartbreaking for a mother than to face having to leave her children behind?
    I can find out her details if she could please be included in the Love Bomb, somehow.

    1. Thanks for the details Simone, have emailed you further.

      Thanks for being such a loud supporter of The Sisterhood! xx

  4. Sweet! Looking forward to this :) It's getting so big :D

  5. Count me in! I've emailed


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