Sunday, July 1, 2012

Solo Mums Birthday Gifts

Sisters, unite!

We are going to be sending birthday gifts to a solo mum of a recently turned one year old.

Its her birthday (very soon!) and she is living in New Zealand (just moved here) without any family near her and her husband has just left her.

I think this story speaks for itself. No further explanations needed here.

Lets show her that she is welcome and loved in our beautiful country!!

We're going to be surprising her with a whole lot of beautifully wrapped birthday gifts!

The Details:
This lady loves to sew and is trying to learn to crochet. She also loves romantic novels and movies and anything girly. Her daughter has just turned one, so perhaps a few gifts for her too?

Along with those gift ideas also consider our usuals: Chocolate, foody treats, coffees, magazines, potions and lotions.

It will be up to you to send anything to me, at your own cost, which I will then wrap and put in our large parcel. As this is anonymous I am not able to give out anyones postage details for you to send anything directly to.

I will need to have received anything by 9th July at the LATEST. (If anything arrives after that I will put it in with our next round of love bombs)

If you want to give but can't make it to the post shop in time you could send a monetry donation through bank transfer. Any monies will go towards a voucher of some sort (depending on the total value) (facial, massage, Westfield mall voucher etc). Once a value has been determined I will be in touch with her nominator to see what she might like for the money we have.

You can email me on to find out my postal address and / or bank details.

Much love, hear from you soon.
Sophie xxx

P.s - Does anyone happen to have any courier company contacts? Some sponsorship of postage would be amazing.


  1. I love that this has got so much coverage - it's awesome! Well done you. I'll hook you up with something for this mama

  2. I missed this post somehow... Have you got enough for this lady? My heart goes out to her, and I hope that her birthday can be truly AMAZING.


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