Monday, February 4, 2013

This One, Baby Moo So Far

Family photo, myself as a baby and my 4 older siblings <3 font="">

BABY MOO2 (current) SO FAR:

I felt no hesitation in telling friends and family, but wanted to keep this pregnancy from going "public" for as long as I could. (read: public = Facebook & blog). I felt the need to protect my baby and my own emotional state from prying acquaintances asking me how I was.

I found out a few weeks later than I could have, but as I wasn't regular, and so far had no pregnancy symptoms (except if you count craziness), I had no idea how far along I was. Because of that I got a dating scan (seriously, I had no idea), and was guttered to find out I was only 8 weeks. I thought I could have been anywhere up to 13 weeks, and thought maybe I was blessed and had skipped through that first trimester without morning sickness.

When I told MrMoo he was going to be a Daddy again he responded with "I know".

The sickness hit. I prayed hard. It stopped. I was terrified. Then it resumed a few days later but on a much lesser more manageable scale.

In hindsight I can now see that having a toddler through morning sickness is a blessing, it meant I constantly had snacks around and was eating regular meals at regular times.

Milla learnt to eat with her spoon after having a mummy dashing to the bathroom regularly.

I didn't spew once in our toilet. I couldn't bear the thought of sticking my head down there.

I thought my morning sickness was so different to my previous pregnancy and therefore I was probably likely to have a boy. I can see now that it was mostly my situation that had changed (no ear infection, constant snacking and meals with the toddler) rather than the actual sickness. Until a few weeks ago I was convinced I was having a boy, but after a night of dreams where I had two little girls I woke up convinced this baby is a girl.

Before our first I didn't know what it meant to love a child, then I worried I couldn't love another like I do her. Now I know, love is infinite, it just keeps growing. I already love this baby so completely. 

We have our anatomy scan tomorrow, and I am so excited to see this little kicking baby who is stretching me out all over again.

Please pray for us and the wellbeing of our family xxx


  1. Such a blessing Sophie, as are you. Praying for you and your little family xx

  2. Congratulations! Btw it might still be a boy, I dreamed I had George and a little girl playing in our sandpit when I was pregnant with Ian. Turned out my dream was not accurate, but there's no way I'd hand him back even if I could!

  3. oh praying for you lovely xxxx

  4. oh and we'll need to do a preggy and baby blog shot in April!

  5. Oh wow, tomorrow??! I will be thinking strong, healthy thoughts for you and bubs...and I'll be hanging out to find out whether your dreams are spot on!! xxxx

    I felt exactly the same about #2, not wanting to share in the same way as #1. We told family and very close friends, but waited until our anatomy scan to tell everyone else. I felt so protective, and I think it was partly because I knew this would be our last baby. Plus being sick = no motivation!!

  6. Ooooh, good luck tomorrow! Does that mean you're halfway now? Hope you are feeling better now x

  7. HI there, Im your newest follower...Just going through the "who's coming to Christchurch bloggers list" and came across your blog. Cant believe I haven't found it sooner :) Look forward to meeting in real life.

    Congratulations on the newest family member :)


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