Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Cool" Crochet Doily

After our first year of marriage MrMoo and I attended a one day marriage / family life workshop with some dear friends of ours. The course covered many areas of relationships, each came with its own discussions to have as a couple, goals to set, things to correct and praise to give. 

We loved the course and have since done one on parenting under 5's. We love doing things together than can build up our family and give us helpful positive advice, along with getting on the same page.

From that marriage course one of the main goals I remember setting is that I wanted to turn our bedroom into a place we want to be. A sanctuary, haven type place that we could relax and find comfort in.

Confession:: I'm not a naturally tidy person, I have to put a lot of energy into keeping our home clean and tidy for MrMoo (he loves a tidy home). As a result, our bedroom is often neglected because we don't have any visitors there. I focus on keeping the living areas, kitchen and bathrooms clean instead. 

For the last 3 years since the course I have been slowly working to change that. We have bought new duvet sets, sheets, last year I finally put some photos on the wall in our bedroom and a string of bunting. 

More recently we finally got two matching bedside tables and lamps, and have just crocheted some bright (yet deep) green cotton doilies to go on top. 

I was so ridiculously proud of myself. Often its the small things that make a difference to an atmosphere. The tiny touches that turn $15 Warehouse shelves into something that feels personal and comfortable next to our beds.

For a week after making them I would say "Good night, I'm just going to put my glass of water on my doily"

"Cool" Mr Moo would reply sarcastically.

I got the impression that he wasn't as fond of my doily as I was (crazy!) so when I apprehensively asked him if I could make a matching one for his side I was surprised and thrilled when he said yes, but requested a square one instead.


As for the bedroom, we're getting there. I plan to give our room a lot of love an attention over the next few months as we prepare for a baby moon.



I found my circle doily pattern from Pinterest.  Hers is a lot more flatter (stretched out, chrisper etc) than mine. I did try "blocking" for the first time. Is that the effect it is supposed to achieve or has the original maker done something different? Would love to hear your thoughts on how I could achieve that look too!

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Did you see the crochet owl purse I made last week? If you would like to purchase one let me know!


  1. Looks super cute! I'm trying to make our bedroom snuggly and sweet too, it's definitely one of the neglected rooms in the house...

  2. I love this. I love that your confession is exctly the same as mine. My husband loves a tidy house and I really struggle with it, so I try hard on the main - public - areas, but bedrooms, particularly ours, get very neglected! And I love that MrMoo requested a square one! I think that's awesome.

  3. I'm the same Sophie - I work hard on keeping the 'public' areas clean too - and am pretty hardout about hygienic clean - but sometimes have creative mess explosions or 'stuff' just ends up on my drawers. Since moving into our new place I have been working on keeping our bedroom heaps tidier and I have to say I am creating better habits. Love the doily and the new header btw :) Jenny

  4. good for you!
    Hey great colour too... Emerald green is the Pantone colour of the year. ;) you are right on trend!

  5. looks awesome. I love that colour. I love bedrooms as sanctuary spaces even though ours always looks messy (to match the rest of the house)!

  6. love your doilies...and love the Mr Moo would have one too, sweet x

  7. Go you, they look fun and bright :)

  8. Love it! I think I might just have to make my hubby one! ;)

  9. Very cute! and you're right it is the little touches that make it.

  10. This is gorgeous, the story, your marriage, babies & the crochet!! My husband is equally patient with some of the handmade additions to our home, all with good humour as he knows it makes me happy.
    Thanks for your lovely email today, it's so sweet of you to take the time to say hello. I've been so much more busy since my eldest hit high school (& subsequent children got older, more sports, husband away) I'm a little out of synch with reading blogs these days. I still enjoy them, and blog a few times each week, but now the 4 children are aged 9-almost 14, it's a very different world, with my time & how i use it. It's the reason i stopped my craft business, for the best reasons at all, the love of my family.
    If you're ever on Instagram, i'm Posie Shoots, that is really quick & fun, like mini blogging, i really like it, i've recently acquired a smart phone & set up an Instagram account.
    Have a gorgeous week, our children resume school tomorrow, so it's a big week, i just didn't want to let my response to your email slide, as i think your SisterHood work is inspirational, you should be extremely proud. Love Posie

  11. Great story! I really love the pop of green and the personalised approach. I am happy to have found your blog via Creative Spaces, and am busy having a look around!


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