Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Goal Review

My 2012 year consisted over the months January - October. Anything after the last half of October I consider a write off. Life sucked into a vortex never to be seen again.

January marked the beginning of a few new goals, and a few more were made along the way.

Namely, being more efficient with my time. This mostly included less procrastination and more doing. Less internet time, more productivity.

I'm pleased to say that I feel fairly successful in this area. I spent a week without Facebook which ended up being my most productive week of the year.

I also learnt to plan my blogging around my time, only blogging when Milla was asleep and mostly in one big go (on a Sunday night) for the week and scheduling my posts, along with keeping a blog book (that I lost and found!).

Just recently I have turned on word verification for my blog comments because the spam was getting ridiculous (I woke up to 40 spam comments and said enough was enough!) which has cut down the time I spend in my emails.

Also, I learnt to turn the day time TV off, something I used as company and comfort. I quickly learnt to play more music and spend more time focussed on Milla.

Becoming more creative in the kitchen was a big fail. I aimed to make one new recipe a week and did this for about four weeks, then for a number of reasons lost motivation and interest and didn't pick it back up again. The meals I did make were delicious and I have continued to make them throughout the year.

This is something I would like to continue to work on, and feel that I am, but didn't stick to my goal.

I did however become much more skilled at meal planning and shopping on a budget and kept our family fed, toiletried and nappied for only $90 a week.

In february I also made a goal that I wanted to make $1 from blogging in 2012. I had a huge desire to know that I could make money from something I loved, which at the time made sense to be blogging. I am happy to tell you that I well and truly completed this goal, and felt empowered and fulfilled doing it.

I also opened an online Felt store and sold one of my baby blankets, another marker in my life where I made money doing something I love.

I did lots of other awesome things in 2012 and truly enjoyed the year. Thanks for sticking around and encouraging me on my journey!


  1. Wow sounds like a great year! wondering about that $90 per week to fed, nappy and toiletried- maybe you could share your tips and how you do it on a blog post? - that sure is a huge achievement. So neat you got to earn off the things you love too!

    1. Hi K! Thanks, I do feel like its an achievement and every grocery day I do feel a huge surge of pride knowing I am helping out our family by sticking to a budget!

      I intend to share my learned secrets, I had planned a "smart shopping" series but this was sucked into that vortex I mentioned. However, its a new year and a new day and its still on the cards!


  2. Good for you Sophie - I look forward to seeing what 2013 holds for you

  3. Well done Sophie. Looking forward to hearing from you in the new year.


  4. Well done i say, and i'd be keen to hear your budgeting secrets too!

  5. Well done Sophie! What a productive year- can't wait to hear what 2013 has in store for you.


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