Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crochet Owl Purse

Lately I've been trying to use my nights that are usually spent on the couch doing not-a-lot and trying to turn them into something productive.

It's amazing how much of an energy and confidence boost that can be felt when you create something with your own hands. Lately I've been foccussing on crochet because its easy and portable and I can still do it while watching a movie / tv / talking with Mr Moo. 

Some day soon I hope to clear out my "sewing room" (that never did quite get used for sewing, more like unfolded washing) and do something in there. In the mean time I hope you've been enjoying my crochet goods!

I saw this cute owl purse on Pinterest (which i've been using lately and loving! You can find Sophie Slim on Pinterest here) and knew I just had to make it!

This crochet owl purse comes with a pattern and tutorial that is so easy to follow. I think if you're a beginner with a crochet hook you could probably create this yourself! I mimic'ed the colours the creator had used because I thought they were super adorable but used pink instead of purple.

I mostly wanted to make this for Milla because she is a huge transporter. She loves to carry sand or stones around the yard in her bucket, or plastic shapes in a clear zip bag. I thought this might encourage her to carry some little treasures around with her but was unsure if she would figure out thats what it was for. I hate it when homemade projects go to waste!

Fortunately, as soon as she saw it the following morning she had to have it! She immediately put it around her neck (I had made the strap longer than what the pattern suggests so she could do that) and put some of her plastic shapes in it! Its been like that ever since. 

We can't go far without her purse! Success!

[[Honestly, I felt a little strange making her a cute pink purse at only 17 months old, I've had many conversations with mum friends about pressuring a gender to like certain things and am very much in the "let them decide what they like" camp. 

However, Milla loves pink, she often gravitates towards the colour, will pull out the pink balls from her ball pit and collect them, picks out her pink shoes from the rest and so on. That coupled with her transporting addiction I thought this project was appropriate.

Some times its good to think about why you do things. I probably could have made her a frog purse, but I didn't.]]

Here's a bonus clip of Millas sorting (and owl purse) in action::

Do you notice that your children would love a particular thing because of their personalities already? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. It's so cute Sophie!!

    My girls and son are definitely drawn to things based on the personalities. And I don't worry about gender stereotypes anymore. My eldest we dressed in gender neutral clothes, bought trucks and dolls and my youngest daughter was pink bombed! Turns out my youngest is much more into traditional 'boys' things because she is close to her brother...

  2. Cute purse Sophie - no doubt she loves it!

  3. I love the purse! Would love one for Olivia ;) If you're keen to make and sell one let me know! :) x

  4. @Gina - I have emailed you, would love to make one for Livvy :)


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