Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Sisterhood National KINDNESS DAY

Hold onto your happy-hats Ladies! The Sisterhoods very first National KINDNESS DAY is approaching!

Saturday 16th February. Mark it on your calendars. Now!

This is a day to celebrate that it's cool to be kind! Together as a family of nearly 1000 people we can join together and do something radical for our brothers and sisters who are yet to hear about us!

You might like to do a secret stealth mission by yourself, or gather a group of your friends to think of some ideas to pull off, or perhaps you might want to make contact with some local sisters in your area to achieve something rather ambitious. 

Its not really what you do that important, its that you do something to contribute some love and positivity into this world!

Plan to be kind. Make a plan of what you are going to do on the 16th, get some friends and family to help you, involve them in the love-giving process. Take some photos on the day and leave a message on The Sisterhood FB wall. Kindness encourages kindness and when we share our stories others will want to get involved to!

Perhaps you'll fill some snap lock bags with pop corn and give them out to stressed Mamas and kids at the supermarket. Maybe you'll run a free carwash on your street corner, or guard the parking machine at the local hospital and pay for visitors parking meters. Do you know of a family who could use a grocery delivery? Could you crochet brooches or play music at a retirement home? Could you leave sweet notes on people windshields or give some of your local tellers a magazine and a kit kat for their work break? Drop off flowers or baking to your neighbour? The possibilities are endless!

Be in your community. Be intentional. Plan to be kind. Thats all we're asking. 

Leave a comment here or on our facebook page with some other creative ideas to inspire each other with and SHARE this post with the people around you. Be radical!

I can't wait to do this all with you. 


  1. oh this is really awesome Sophie. I love this idea.... as for ideas:
    post a chocolate in all the letterboxes on your street
    make lemonade and set up a free stall outside your house
    find a group and sing songs together in a mall
    read stories in your local bookshop to kids
    buy something extra in the groceries for the food bank
    make bags of playdough and drop them off to a mother's group or similar
    write an anonymous card and post it to someone you admire
    mow the verge in front of someone else's property
    pay for someones coffee at a cafe
    talk to a toddler or small person in a queue - tell them a funny joke
    drop baking in to your local op-shop/hairdresser/doctor
    let someone go in front of you in your car
    leave the park at the mall for the person behind you and drive on to find another one
    tell a stranger you like how she is dressed

    .... I think that's all for now..... will try to think of some more

  2. Oh its wonderful Sophie.

    I love Miriam's suggestions and might do one here in Brissy.

    I was having a giggle at her one about mowing the front verge of the neighbours. For about 4 months someone kept mowing our front yard. We assumed it was our neighbour and thought how kind. So everytime we mowed our lawns we did his as well. Then we found out it was the Landlords paying a gardening company to mow ours! haha.

  3. Hehehe! Have posted both of your comments on FB xxx

  4. Hehehe! Have posted both of your comments on FB xxx

  5. Hats off again to you Sophie! International Kindness day - Fab!!
    I will THINK what I can DO (and not be all talk this time)

  6. Thanks to Pickle waking FOUR TIMES last night, I got a lot of brainstorming done, so to add to Miriam's awesome list:

    leave deflated balloons at the local park;
    drop off toys for the babies in NICU;
    leave flowers at the maternity ward, with instructions that they are to go to a new mum who is feeling a bit blue;
    leave a cheerful note or treat at the bus stop;
    leave an hour's worth of coins in the pay stations by the hospital;
    wash an (elderly) neighbour's car


  7. Perhaps a small 'goodie' for a parent in hospital? A snack, a drink, money for a coffee, a mag to read. When my youngest is in hospital, all attention is, naturally, on her. So maybe something for the tired. stressed out mum or dad who has been in, away from family etc?

  8. Perhaps something for a mum or dad who is staying with a child in hospital?

    All attention is on the child, as it should be, but something nice for the parent I'm sure would be much appreciated. I know from my own experience that something small, even if just a small bar of chocolate would be a nice treat. :)

  9. To amend my ideas above, which caused some confusion on FB - I was meaning a BAG of un-inflated balloons left at a playground.

    And I plan on leaving one of Sophie's glorious cards or a note with anything :)


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