Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anticipating Around the Table

What began as a stirring idea inside Miriams mind has now turned into this: Around The Table - New Zealands first bloggers retreat!

If you're a blogger I really do hope you'll come and join us on April 12th-14th in Christchurch! We're going to have so much fun!! The weekend will be focused on the social aspect (I can't wait to meet you all!!) with a few practical and fun workshops thrown it, along with lots of coffees, goodie bags and prizes, a swap and an banquet dinner together!

Sounds like fun!

I've already had our spare room billeted out to a gorgeous lady and her baby (yay!), I might just have a spare couch with your name on it as well!

Registrations open on Thursday! Check out the conference overview to find out more details of whats happening!


  1. Eep! I'm excited too! Me and Talia (from Talia Christine) are trying to make plans to come together - hoping the $$ and baby-wrangling all work out! Eeeeeep!

  2. I am super excited about this! :D

  3. I'm loving the reception this whole idea is getting - you Chch ladies are phenomenal xx


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