Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Date Night

Every few months when my Mum comes 4 hours to visit she always offers to babysit for us. This weekend we took her up on the offer and I joint MrMoo at our Sunday night Church service.

We sat in the front row as usual, sans baby.

Suddenly I remembered what it was like to be in Church and have my hands free. I could clap, lift them during the music, and just generally use them for whatever the situation called for. Rather than always having one eye open towards the ground, being ready to pick up toys, defend personal belongings, dish out food, hold a restless toddler etc. I felt free!

I held MrMoos hand.

At the end of the service our great friend and pastor prayed for us together. That doesn't usually happen. We both had tears leaking down our cheeks as we felt the weight of Gods call on our lives.

Afterwards we went to see Skyfall in a tiny cinema in Sumner. We have had free tickets since November but haven't had an opportunity to use them yet! Hello free movies!

It was a great night. By the end of it I felt very loved and with a full happy-tank :)

We got home to a Milla Moo who wouldn't sleep but had a big grin and laughter for her Mum and Dad

Whats your favourite date night? If you've written a blog post about it leave a link in the comments, other wise, tell me about it!


  1. We like going to a movie together but I also really love eating a meal together - facing each other and having real conversation. Being prayed for together is pretty special too. x

  2. We go to the movies together ...due for a night out soon actually .. even if we don't talk it's great to have a moment away from little people :)


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