Friday, January 18, 2013

Stalker Boy. Boy and Girl Meet.

We nervously stood at the back of a dark youth church. We had come to see a cute boy who played the drums that my best friend had taken a fancy to. As we waited for his attention we were approached by the two smiling Youth Pastors and that was when I first laid my eyes on him.

He had over grown hair, wore a baggy t-shirt with ripped jeans and shoes. He shook my hand and asked if I was American, I was laughing instantly.

"No I'm not," I said, "but my best friend is, and I end up talking like her most of the time"

"Awe-some" He mockingly replied in a thick American accent.

The night went by without incidence and we parted our seperate ways.

Months later when my best friend began her goodbyes to return back to the United States with her family I was reintroduced to the Youth Pastor. He was just like I remembered him; baggy, and very friendly. That night he came out to my car to say good bye. When I turned on the ignition to leave Michael Jackson started blearing. Youth Pastor showed me his perfectly memorised choreographed Beat It dance moves and for the first time my heart fluttered. We danced for an hour together in the street as my MJ CD played through although it seemed like only minutes together.

Over the next month while I taxied my best friend around our city so she could attend every last party and coffee date possible I ended up seeing him a lot. Suddenly in my radar, he was everywhere.

Eventually I was forced to say a very tearful goodbye to my best friend at the airport. Following that I spent a lonely day driving about the city unsure of what to do with myself. I had lost my best friend and felt broken when I found myself driving past a lit up building at 9pm on a Thursday night. I looked in and could see the car park full.

Nervously, I went into the building and found the remains of their church service. 20 bright eyed young people ready to hang out and make friends. I felt safe.

Over the coming weeks the Youth Pastors interest in me grew. He persisted and every day after work invited me out for a coffee date.

My friends jokingly called him "Stalker Boy" and I played along with the title, always complaining about how much he wanted to see me. Really, I was flattered and over a month of daily dates found myself quite enjoying his company.

As I drove with one of my work mates she asked me how Stalker Boy was. Keeping my eyes on the road I told her about how nice he was, and how I thought I might like him. She was shocked and promised never to call him Stalker Boy again.

"And" I continued "Not only does he have his own car, he can also cook! He told me!"

"Well thats perfect for you" She said, aware of my ineptitude in the kitchen. "Sometimes couples are made for each other like that"

On the 7th of July 2007, the day of his 21st birthday party, we looked at each other and asked "What are we doing?"

The Youth Pastor quoted Michael Jackson and said "Well, you know I like you. And I hope you like me the way I like you. So I was wondering if you'd be my girl?"

It was perfect. Graeme and I were official.

Chloes last night at Church 

The future Mr and Mrs Moo together in our first photo! We later lived with Josh, the one with the nerf bullet on his face. On those couches he said "Man evangelism is cool" and my heart skipped a beat.



  1. Aww!! This is so cute! I really look forward to hearing the rest of the story. I LOVE love!

    ♥ Talia Christine

  2. What a cool story Soph! Can't wait to hear the rest!

  3. Eeep! A whole week to wait for what's coming next?! (I guess I should see it as payback for the way I wrote my birth stories?!)

    I'm a little bit freaked out though, because I've spent this week writing out our love story too.

    Love it!! xx

  4. Love it Soph. Your words are written so well! I like this version of the story :)

  5. awesome ... I might do this one day too ....


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