Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Avoid an Iced-Chocolate disaster on Date Night!

We have been so spoilt this weekend, two date nights! In a row! 

Once again my Mum was over from the Westcoast and while she stayed at our house and started a puzzle we skipped to the car singing "if you're happy and you know it.." well. Not really, but we were excited and jumped at the chance to disappear for a few hours together!

On our second date night, Monday, we ended up sitting in the hot sunshine as it fell behind the southern alps. Absolutely beautiful. MrMoo had a little rainbow on his forehead. 

He had a mango smoothie and I narrowly avoided an iced-chocolate disaster. 

Thats what I'm really here to share about today. See, iced-chocolates matter. In fact, I've had four of them in the last week. Thats not my normal consumption rate of them but I feel like i'm becoming a bit of a pregnant connoisseur. 

I have discovered while ordering its best to ask what kind of iced chocolate you're going to be getting. As far as I can see, there are two different ones on the market and prices and menu boards do not make any distinction between them.

The first iced chocolate is the sad one. Still (over) priced at around $6 you're getting chocolate milk and ice. Wapwaaow. 

For the same price at any resonable establishment you might luckily be in for iced-chocolate number two, my obviously preferred favourite which I will happily shell out $6.50 for. She consists of milk and chocolate, some sort of chocolate swirl on the inside with a little bit in the bottom, ice-cream  topped with cream and sprinkles. 

Ahh, yes please. A dessert in a glass. Just what my unborn child would like please.

Last night, I narrowly avoided the first (sad) chocolate. 

While ordering I asked "what comes in your iced chocolate?" 
Uhhhh... they look stumped.

"Does it have a chocolate swirl in it?"
"No but we could put one in if you want"

"Does it comes with icecream or whipped cream"
"We could put icecream on if you want it"

"What about sprinkles?"
"no but we could do them?"
Yes please! I'll have that!"

To which MrMoo butted in and said "Sorry, she's pregnant"

C'mon ladies, advocate for your iced-chocolates! Don't settle on a glass of cold milk! Can I get an amen ladies?

How do you do yours? Leave a comment and let me know!

See our latest Date Night with the moo2s  the last time Mum was in town!
P.s - its our 4th anniversary this week! Any ideas what we could do to celebrate?! (pps, we'll be without Milla! 3 dates in one week!! WHO ARE WE?!)


  1. Amen sister! Go you for sticking up for your iced chocolate rights! Anniversary idea: pack a nice picnic and go to a nice park with a playground so Milla can have a run around while you hang out.

  2. YUM!! My absolute favourite summer drink!!! The 'Added Extras' are an absolute must! Otherwise, what is the point in indulging! :) Hazel

  3. I agree! I used to be a regular at starbucks before I was preg.. Mocha Java Choc chip frappachino with skim milk... ya know cos the skim milk makes up for the rest :/

  4. Totally understand! Our cafe does a fusion of the two for $5.50. No ice cream but the blender rules at making the milk creamy. Plus whipped cream and sprinkles and a choc swirl. Are you making them at home?
    Yay for date nights! Let us know when we can sleep-sit minimoo!

  5. If you can make it at home for less, then it shouldn't be allowed to exist. Mmmmm, creamy chocolatey goodness.
    Yey for 4yr anniversaries - ours is next month! You could go for a picnic dinner, or re-create an early date? Go for a stroll on the beach and stop for dessert afterwards? Whatever you do, it will special - your last anniversary as parents of just one cutie xx

  6. haha... I do remember - this is sooo the stuff of preggy cravings :)

  7. totally beautiful blog. thank you for stopping by!


  8. mmmmmm I am SO with you - I got charged $8.50 for one the other day!!!! Where does Amy work???

  9. AMEN!

    Being pregnant may or may not have something to do with the iced chocolate issue (hey c'mon it probably does), BUT EVERY WORD you have written is 100% on the money!

  10. I'm an iced coffee kind of a girl - and I ask for just a little cream (I can't handle too much)... I do have a bit of a soft spot for the caramel frappacinos at Starbucks.

    When I was at school I had a part-time job at BBs cafe - we used to make the meanest iced chocs. You skirt a couple (or more) skirts of the choc sauce into the glass, tip your glass up on an angle and turn so as to coat the entire inside in choc then using the back of a long handled spoon make a stripey pattern inside the glass by rotating the glass around. Add milk, extra choc sauce, icecream, cream etc yum! Now you've made me hungry!


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