Friday, January 31, 2014

Anniversary 5

Here we are, so young. (How did our parents ever let us get married so fresh?) 5 years on and I can see we are ageing. Lines appear, hips widen, greys grow. But still, each day is fresh and new, not guaranteed or promised to us. Life is fleeting. The last few years have felt like I have blinked, and yet have been the longest of my life so far. 

I love you dearly, Graeme. Even more now than I did when we stood on that altar together declaring our love and devotion to our friends and family. If that is even possible. 

I remember walking so slowly up the aisle, my Dad holding my arm, slowing my walk, but walking out of time with the music.

You locked eyes with mine, you pulled your lips over your teeth and held them tightly together. You were composed, trying to keep it together. Your head bent down and went slightly to the side. You were focussed, but your eyes said it all. They popped, and I smiled. You didn't take your eyes off mine, and a smile managed to break through the composed exterior. I knew that face all to well, and I grinned from ear to ear beneath my sun struck veil.

Happy 5th wedding anniversary Honey.  

UPDATE: I found photographic evidence of the moment described above...


  1. congratulations! Special days to celebrate xxxx

  2. Congratulations - and may you be blessed with many more years together.

  3. Happy anniversary - beautiful photos, and I love your descriptions of the day! xx

  4. Congratulations! Hope you had a lovely day to celebrate x


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