Friday, January 24, 2014

Katie Updatie - Month 6

Only a month late with this one! And with the busyness of Christmas and holidaying I didn't get to take your traditional photos like we usually do. Instead, these photos are from over the Christmas period just after you hit the 6 month milestone.

We went to visit Nana and Grandad on the Westcoast, and Nanny and Poppa joined us for Christmas too! 

You were an absolute pleasure to take away on holiday. You slept when you were supposed to, ate when you needed to and went were ever we wanted to go! 

We started you on "solids" when you were in your 5th month. Just a few random rice cereals here and there and then some baby food from a jar. My goodness, you love your food! You also love to hold the spoon and pull it up to your mouth, and will grab it off who ever is trying to feed you. I'll be trying to get you on finger foods and fresher solids as soon as I can get organised!

This month was all about you learning to crawl. Camilla is constantly shouted "Go Katie Go!" at you. You get up on you hands and knees and rock so hard! You're so close to diving forward and face planting! You're an enthusiastic learner! 

You'll squeal with delight at anything that moves. I can sometimes sit through a whole church service with you, and when it can't its not because you're grumpy or need to be fed, it's because you're so excited you're squealing the house down! 

And when you get excited you put your hands up around your head like you're showing off your baby muscles, hold your breathe and squeeeeeze! It's hilarious. You're so buff!

Still breastfeeding and still having 3 naps a day, along with sleeping through the night from 6pm to 6am. Yup, best babe ever. 

You're still losing that dark hair but its starting to grow back in other spots.

Katie, you are a complete delight, absolutely precious and delicious in every way. I love you so much, so completely. We loving having you as part of our family, it wouldn't be the same with out you!
Love, Mama xx

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