Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Goals

It's already March, but I've had this notepad floating about my kitchen and desk for the last 3 months that has my new years goals on it, waiting to be typed out and recorded.

I love to set new years goals, I think it helps us to intentionally achieve certain things throughout the year, keeps us focussed on bettering ourselves, and helps us to look forward to the future.

Here are something I am already working on for this year::

FAMILY (all of these goals are aimed at increasing our quality time and togetherness with my husband and children)
    The bain of my life right now. They creep in to the everyday, they steal quality time away from each other and our children, but they are also super useful and we would be lost without them. I'm working on managing my screen time and to notice when its important to focus on life right in front of me. Including but not limited to; bedtimes, after work times, meal times, church times and quality times.
    This has been a work in progress with bouts of exercise. I'd like to to be a more regular thing, especially heading in to winter. I've been doing the 30 day shred vids, walking most days to Kindy, or going for after dinner runs. I'd like to integrate fitness into my everyday life. 
    We're saving for our future home. This year I'd like to increase our savings for that specifically. We have also started a fund that we put a small amount into each week to go towards an overseas holiday for our 10 year wedding anniversary. In a few years, we should have a good little fund to play and adventure with! 
    So far this year we've planned two road trips. I'm hoping to visit more places and see more things. As our girls get bigger its getting easier to explore with them. We have SO much to see.
    I'd like to focus on memorising more scriptures to have them on hand when I need them. Also, I have started reading Bible In A Year, I am already behind, but it fills me up most days and I will keep going until I finish.
    Mormons dominate the blog world, and they often talk about FHE (Family Home Evening) which is a Mormon practice to spend a night (usually Mondays) at home with the family to read scripture, and to pray and teach their faith to their kids. I'm NOT Mormon, but I think they're on to something here, and I think its something I'd definitely like to include in our family life heading forward. 
    Id just like our home to be a functioning, relaxing place where we can feel at peace. Most days I pray that our visitors would feel peaceful in our home, but this also means practically, decluttering, keeping things tidy and functional. I've been buying a few little things (in keeping with our budget) here and there this year to make our space more ours.
    The container garden was a 50/50 success and flop this year. I'd like to grow some more things, and try out some others. This space is a work in progress.
    My yearly blanket is almost finished this year, but for the first time it's not a crochet one. More on that soon.
    I'd love to give knits a go this year. I've already bought some fabric and have a pattern printed, I just need to find the courage to do so. Along with that, I'd also like to master a twin needle. I have never used one before  but I think the finish they give is so professional looking. 
    I'm preplanning special birthdays and celebrations and things that I can make ahead of time as gifts for friends, but I also want to include more handmade toys and clothing into our own lives. I'd love to make a dress or two this year for myself. Often I spend time making for others, most of my handmade's leave through our front door. I'd like a few of them to stay around so I can enjoy them too.


  1. Awesome list of goals! I love that you are including family home evening into your family life! I am a mormon, and family home evening is wonderful.... My kids are young and sometimes it feels like a bit of a effort to have regular family home evenings but its all worth it, and just knowing that you can have uninterrupted quality time together as a family is great!! :-)

  2. Great goals Sophie, very inspiring xx

  3. Great goals! And measurable and achievable too - signs of a good goal-setter! :) I like the Family Home Evenings thing. Hayden and I have decided on a similar thing but for just us: we've marked every Monday evening on the calendar as Marriage Time. We have a stack of books we're going to go through together, because we want to intentionally grow our marriage. I'm pretty excited about it!

  4. Love your list of goals - heres to you achieving all you hope to! Am sure you will too - nothing like writing it down and having a plan x


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