Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Splash Pad Fun

Some time in February we were having fish n chips in the park on a Saturday night with some friends, when we stumbled across the new Splash Pad in Scarborough park (Christchurch).

Graeme and I had seen it previously on a late night date-night walk. Then we joked about how our oldest, Milla, would probably hate the splash pad. Too much unpredictable crazy water we thought.

It turns out, when our girls were let loose at 5pm in their dresses, our oldest had the time of her life! She loved it, there was no hesitation and no stopping her! 

Milla loves to run through the rain bow, shoot people with the swinging red pole thing, stand on the jets and spray unsuspecting people nearby, and to wade into the paddling pool at the other end of the pad.

Our littlest, Katie, will dip her fingers and toes in, and thats about as far as she's willing to go.

It was so funny to me to see how I had their reactions summed up in my head, and to see that play out completely differently in real life. My girls are always surprising me!

Milla loved it so much we've since been back a few more times with friends and grandparents, and as the weather cools down I'm sure it'll be our favourite spot next summer too!

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  1. What a fabulous play ground - and what fun the girls have had - I bet Katie will have fun there next summer.


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