Monday, May 28, 2012

Sisterhood - Mum of Three and House Fire

Hello Sisters,

In March I put out a video-log to introduce myself and tell you about a new opportunity we had to bless a family in Canterbury, New Zealand.

This family had recently been involved in an electrical house fire, their son had alerted the mum of something strange. She said 30 more seconds and they would have lost him.

Thankfully the whole family (Mum, Dad, Son and Daughter and a little boy growing in the tummy) made it out safely, but they lost all of their possessions without any insurance.

At the time the family immediately needed and requested help to fill their wardrobes as we headed into a bitter cold Canterbury winter.

We heard this call for help and YOU responded.

Infact, you responded with bags and bags and bags of clothing and blankets for each member of the house hold. You included toys for the kids and warm winter coats for the Mama. 155 items in total.

"We feel truly blessed by those who have gotten behind us, and some of the donations have come from chirstchurch,now those folks have had it rather tough last 2 yrs with the earthquakes but they still have the heart to stop and help others in need when their livlyhoods have been turned upside down as well.. I hope one day to pay it forward and help others in need, we did not have house insurance but the generosity of the community and surrounding areas are overwhelming and every day we feel even more blessed. At the end of the day a house and items can be replaced but not your family or children."

Later on, this Mama asked us for help again in fitting out her soon to be born son. We sent him books, singlets and warm hand knitted winter woolies.

Sisters, I want to thank you for showing your physical love to another Mama. 

Thank you.

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