Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sisterhood - Responding to a New Mama

Hello Sisters,

In February 2012 The Sisterhood was able to proactively respond to the needs of a young mum with a toddler and a brand new baby.

Incase you've never heard this before, new mums can get very tired because of constant feedings, sleepless nights and the whole "I am not my own person any more" thing. Mums sacrifice a lot for their young.

Its important that we value that sacrifice and never over look it. 

That's why we gather together the little bits and pieces that we had an sent a few parcels to a young mum - to thank her for giving all that she has. 

Its not that this new Mum desperately needed anything, just some attention and love to let her know that yes, she is doing a wonderful job, and to remind her how good it feels when she spends some time on her.

Here are some of the things that you sent her. She is a crafty and creative type, and you hit that nail on the head pretty perfectly if you ask me! 

Thank you for responding and caring about another Mama. You are so kind and I am continually thanking God for you.

Love, Sophie xxx

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