Friday, June 7, 2013


Last week this happened:: Cuddles on the couch with a poorly girl and her tummy big.

This week she was giving me the same treatment.

I'll be honest guys, I'm kinda over this whole getting sick thing. For the last few years I kind of feel like I've been relatively robust, a few head colds but thats been the extend of it. In the last month i've had two ear infections, some sort of gastro bug, a chesty cough / cold, and have been full term, at the end of myself and very tired. Did I say I was over it?

Today, now well again (just a little weak) I'd like to use this space to be grateful::

1) Grateful for a little girl who has Cat-Like qualities and knows when to be cuddly and patient at all the right times

2) Grateful for a husband / online grocery delivery guy who will un pack all my groceries for me

3) Online grocery orders!!

4) Thankful for a really warm house (we still haven't used our heaters yet this year!)

5) Grateful for friends who will buy us dinner (thanks Amy!)

6) To-Do lists, even though they can get me down and overwhelmed, give me purpose, productivity and accomplishment

7) Grateful for a good cup of tea. I haven't been drinking any for the last month (it inhibits iron absorbption - something I'm trying really hard to hold on to!), but just had one this morning, and boy, its good.  

8) In all of the madness and unpreparedness thinking "if my baby came today" I can rest and know that..
  • We have clean towels
  • The supermarket is just around the corner
  • Things wont be perfect, we'll figure it out anyway

9) Loving one of Millas besties turning 2 this week. She is seriously the sweetest girl, and it is actually a blessing to know her. 

10) Dettol. Very thankful for Dettol. 

Phew, that feels better already! 

Whats in your world that you could be grateful for today? 



  1. Glad to hear your feeling better soph, just in time :-) cant believe you haven't used your heaters yet, incredible, we are ploughing through the wood and yet still never quite warm enough. But i'm so grateful to have the dearest, sweetest little boy, all health and happiness now his bug has cleared.
    Happy weekend x

  2. Good on you, Soph. It's SO tough being sick when you're pregnant, and you're certainly being run through the mill this time! You're doing so well - let's pray that you're just getting it all out of the way before Little Beauty arrives soon! Good to hear you're resting and being looked after. Make sure those To Do lists of yours don't get too long! You'll have more energy in a few weeks (months?) so make sure you save some for now! xxx

  3. Haven't used your heater WOW I have my fire on most nights
    So grateful you are feeling better today - you were on my mind yesterday
    Online grocery shopping rocks

  4. Awww, goosebumps reading this Sophie!
    Your Milla just sounds like the sweetest girl.
    I hope the worst is now behind you...
    You're amazing, girl!

  5. may the rest of winter find you in great health xxxx

  6. Hope you are fully recovered in no time and ready to rumble x


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