Monday, June 23, 2014


On Sunday we stood together and prayed to God, a dedication prayer in which we committed our children and ourselves to God. 

We prayed for strength, grace, love, commitment and that God would be with us, always. 

Both of our families came with us, that's my Dad on stage behind us. And that's Steve and Dawn, our pastors but also the greatest of friends.

We are beyond blessed.


Camilla, for you everyday I pray for strength. Strength to stand up for who you are, what you believe in, and even more strength to stand in the gap for other people. To lift them up and be their support, to believe in others and the goodness in the world. I pray you would be a mighty warrior, fighting for the things that are important to you. And just as you are strong, I pray you will be soft. I hope your heart could accept people as they are, it would be moved to love and care for those who need it, and you could serve them.


Katie, for you every day I pray for purity of heart and mind. I know that within you there is something special. There is a sweetness and holiness about you, and I pray that for all of your days you would be friends with Jesus and you would know and trust Him. A faith like no other, one that allows you to dream dreams and see miracles. I pray you would constantly be blown away by the bigness of God and how much he loves you.


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  1. This is so special. Dedications are beautiful and also I love the vulnerability of parents asking for the Church in their help to raise children in the Lord, acknowledging the value of community. Awesome that you did it xx


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