Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hanmer 2014

Currently:: sitting under a shady tree in the car, with freezing cold fingers. Although the sun is shining, I can see my breath rising before me.

It's not usual for our littlest to fall asleep in her capsule at 1 yr old so I wait patiently and seize the opportunity for her to sleep while the hubs is off playing mini golf.

Hanmer, tourist Mecca, we really like you. We seem to come here often with my whole side of the family. And every time we have a ball. 

Milla doesn't seem to understand the concept of towns, and keeps asking where Hanmer is. Adorbs. Let's not go home?


  1. Oh yes, those quiet moments where you can pray uninterrupted or simply enjoy God's handiwork - an oasis in the middle of a busy day! (Not that we always recognise it as that!)

  2. I remember the fudge shop at Hamner Springs. That and the cold! And the super warm thermal pools. It's a lovely place x


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