Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Katie Updatie - Month 11

Happy 11 months my little ray of sunshine! 

As per the photos and red cheek, you've been growing two more top teeth this month, but doing it with class. Nanny seemed a little disappointed now you no longer look like a pirate! Hehe. 

You've been free standing confidently this month, and continue to walk around furniture. 

This little red ball, and a little red cup, you love them far too much! If they are in sight, they are YOURS. No ifs or buts.

You've definitely got guts Katie, you make yourself heard and known, Camilla doesn't get away with much around you.

This month you've been doings "arms up!" and blowing kisses at bed time. It's super sweet, and I am loving watching you grow. 

Milla always suggests things we can teach you "should we teach katie to say Milla?" "Should we teach katie to do her wee's on the toilet?"

I wonder as I type this, if you're reading this at my age now (25), what would you want to know about your 11th month? Maybe you're having your own kids and want to know what life was like for you? 

Well, it's any thing but perfect, but there are spots of complete bliss and utter chaos. For the most part, you are the happiest baby I have ever know (except for this morning, but we will forget about that), you seem to love being in this world. You take joy from the smallest things, and are the cruisiest little person to have as part of our family. You always want to be with your big sis, right now she's a little to "independant", and likes her space. But you two have moments of love and sharing. When she gets frustrated you seem to take your cue and will find me. You love to play with magnets on the fridge while I cook dinner and if food is in sight or nearly ready you'll start rocking back and forward and shrieking. You LOVE food. You stuff it in as fast as you can and are still wanting more. We call you the hungry caterpillar. Katie, you are an incredible 11 month old. 

I just asked Milla (almost 3):: "Whats your favourite thing about Katie?"
Milla: "Her hair"
Me: "What do you like about her hair?"
Milla: "I like rubbing it"

Sister love <3 p="">


  1. Ha ha, I love that last photo! Happy 11 months. (And have a wonderful day on Sunday. Very special.)

  2. What a sweetie you have there - so glad to read your blog posts rejoicing in Katie


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