Thursday, June 23, 2011

Antenatal #1

Graeme and I began our journey through antenatal classes last night.

Once a week for six weeks we learn about pregnancy, birth and the care of a newborn in a class with 5 other couples and an instructor. We are choosing to birth at home but couldn't get into the specialty home birth classes so we ended up doing them through Burwood Hospital.

I was really nervous as we approached the hospital. I've never done anything like this before but I was very thankful that at Church some times I have to go and talk to that new person, despite my mood or nerves, so I felt I could handle the situation.

We found the class room easy peasy and I shook hands with the instructor and introduced her to Graeme. She gave us name tags and a booklet and Graeme quickly buggered off to the bathrooms leaving me to the large room with one other nervous young couple sitting in it.

Don't you hate it when you have to choose where to sit? You can't sit on the other side of the room and ignore them because you know you'll have to speak to them at some point, but then you can't go sitting right next to them and invade their space.

I chose the sitting next to them option.

I introduced myself and their names were Dan and Gina. They were lovely!

I sat down and asked the instructor if it was going to be just like the movies. She laughed and said she hoped not and asked what I expected. I said I expected white boards and pointed out the 3 of them that were in the room. (I later realised there were only two whiteboards and I was going crazy. She might have thought that at the time too.)

I made small talk with Dan and Gina and awaited Graemes return. More couples moved in and I said hi to all of them. It was awkward, but not really. Everyone for the most part was really lovely.

We had to get into couple pairs and introduce themselves and tell them about our pregnancy. When it was time to share everyone had so far been on a relatively similar tired and sick journey. I was secretly (and now not so secretly) pleased that others had been through this too and were willing to say so.

The instructor showed us a model of a pelvis and how it moves to give birth. She pushed a baby through it and my insides churned. She also told us about all of the hospitals and how that statistics are much more in your favour of having a healthy birth if you do it at home (I smiled at this). We learnt about making informed decisions for your family (use your brain) (B=benefits. R=risks. A=alternatives. I=something. N=Now or later)

Graeme made a lot of jokes, I was the question master (Seriously. How do preggo people NOT know what a mucus plug is??) and I blushed every single time I had to talk.

We had delicious hot chocolates and I felt like we made new friends. I am definitely looking forward to next week!

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