Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 30 Update

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Zero

Times I Have Thrown Up: Zero

Thoughts This week: Baby girl is big! She's starting to kick less and starting to squirm around more, space must be in short supply in there. It's so good having a name for her. Whenever Graeme and I say it in usual conversation we sort of give each other a knowing look and a smile. We love saying "Camillas room" or "Is Camilla asleep?" etc.

I only have 10 more weeks to go and I know they are going to fly so I am determined to enjoy them as much as possible. This week it has really struck me how much I am doing the will of God right now. When I think about it I am overwhelmed with the truth that my body was made and designed to bear children and to nourish them. The human body is a wonderfully complex thing and I get surprised at how well it works. My body takes care of its self and changes and develops to accomodate our growing daughter and there is little I do for the process. Its really remarkable. I am learning to trust more in myself and God.

Its a wonderful thing.

This week I sorted through all of the clothes that Camilla has been given (heaps!) and figured out what we still need to buy. It turns out we only have a few newborn things which surprised me so I'm so glad I checked! I started washing today. It will be a slow process.

Dearest Camilla,

I am so thankful that you are a part of our lives already. You have already changed us in ways I could never describe.

These last months have taught me so much about God as our Father. He is looking after us right now and is so attentive to our every thought and desire. I am praying that as you grow you will know of God as your good Father and you will be filled with his peace and love like we have been. Infact, right now as God is knitting you together you probably know him better than we do :)

Sit tight, it wont be long :)

Love, Ma xxx

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  1. Aww you shared the name! It is an absolutely gorgeous name, I must admit. Just lovely! :)
    Funny about the squeamish feeling at antenatal! hehe. I felt like that when I was watching a movie with someone in labour/childbirth and I was preggers too.. YIKES alright. xo


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