Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 29 Update

Braxton Hicks contractions: 0

Times I have vomited: I can't remember anything that happened in the last week. 

Thoughts this week: Fat, fat and more fat. She's pounding it on (hopefully). Next week i'm on the countdown. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!! I am well aware that all a baby needs is warmth, food and love, but nappies would help, so would a car seat (we have one!) and a place for her to sleep. Whenever I think about it I feel panicked that we are so unprepared. I must make a list and a plan and get to it!

Dear Sweet Thing,

This week I panicked that I was not taking good care of you. Maybe I'm not eating enough, or enough of the right things, or maybe I shouldn't have walked past that man who was smoking, or had that hot shower, or gone in that hot pool.  I'm sure that will be the first in many instances where I will feel inadequate and... guilty. 

I want you to know that your Dad and I are learning every single step of the way. We will make mistakes and I am sorry in advance for those. There will probably be times later on when you shout at us, say that we are being unfair or... If that ever happens, I am so so so sorry. We really do want the best for you and we are trying so hard to learn everything we can. You're on a journey with us and we are on a journey with you.

Also, I'm sorry if we ever give you a younger sister and she gets her ears pierced earlier than we let you. We are super protective of you.

We chose your name this week. We had a list of great names that we both liked but none of them seemed to work out, then a good friend of ours came to stay they night and suggested her name. Your Dad and I both immediately said we loved it. I hassled your Dad all week to make a decision and decide if he wanted to actually name you that like I did. A week later he was setting up a new password for something and when he told me it it was your name!! I had to chase him down and pounce on him for a hug. We were so giddy! Camilla Louise, I hope you love the name. I think its very stylish and mature and classic. The middle name is from your Aunty Amy. She means the world to me and I wanted you to have a part of her name.

Stay safe and healthy, 

Love, your Mama x 

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