Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Days Of Living - Introduction

Last year on my Wordpress blog I ran a personal social experiment called "30 Days To Live". The idea was that I would spend 30 days living as if they were my last on Earth. At the beginning I made a few goals of things that I wanted to achieve but overall I discovered quickly it was more about a state of being rather than achieving - Which is definitely a state of living that I want to be in.

Honestly, this exercise was so helpful to me in ways I could never completely express here. I learnt so much about myself and others in this time, I learnt not to take somethings too seriously, to try my hardest and to wake up with an attitude of thankfulness and joy. With the right attitude I discovered that new opportunities came my way and I was able to spend time smelling the roses, so to speak. Sure, I got a few things done on my list, but mostly life became about experiencing and loving.

Last August was pivotal for me and I want to have that again. This year life is exceptionally more challenging to "live" being at home most of the day without a career purpose and reliant on my ever generous and patient husband. With that, most of my independence feels as if it is snuffed out so I need to learn to live within my new means. Time for an overhaul.

Practically, my daughter is due at the end of the month (Sept. 3rd to be exact). That will change life in a whole new way again. There is nothing that I feel as if I have missed out on and cannot do because of her. Like I said, this is a way to live life in a new way. Because of that I have changed the name to 30 Days Of Living rather than "to live" because I dont want to give you the impression that I feel as if I will have no life after Camilla. Infact, the opposite is true. I know life will just start to begin after her arrival. She will transform our lives. In the mean time I want to get into the habit of appreciating each day as it comes and making the most of it.

Here's where you come in: I will be posting most days. I don't expect you to read them, although I found last year my readership sky rocketed (by probably a million percent... okay maybe not. But it at least quadroulpiled) and I had many many people want to discuss different issues that came up in more detail. I thought this year I would be far more organised and offer you the chance to get in on it too. I have banners, side bars and other thingys designed, and I would really LOVE for you to link me to your posts so I can read about the transformation in your own life. Have a think about it and then flick me an email on sophie@moo2.co.nz

I'll be starting on August 1st and doing a concluding post on August 31st. I can't guarantee that I will manage to get everyday on its proper day, but you will see them all eventually :)

**EDIT** So that I don't spam you all, I think I may just do a few bulk posts with the days in them, rather than each individual day.

Thanks for reading!

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