Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Baby, 34 Week Update

I'm so close now. We have been given a list of things to gather for our intended homebirth. Hosing, sieves, buckets, towels. The procrastinator in me thinks a hospital birth would be far more convenient, but really its just a little extra effort and forward planning for a whole list of benefits. Must get onto that list. 

I now officially feel as if we have everything we need for our daughter to arrive. She has all of the new born - 6 month old clothes she could possibly need. We have a small stack of nappies but the supermarket isn't too far away. We have a bassinet on the way, but really she could sleep in our bed or in the washing basket if she needed to and we didn't get it in time. We have sheets, blankets and shawls. We have a few toys for her, but our faces will be all the entertainment she'll need for the first while. We still have a list of things "to get" on our pin-board but mostly they are unessential. A child can survive off milk, love and nappies. Anything extra is just more convenient for us. So, Baby Girl, we are ready.

Speaking of Baby Girl, I have discovered I have entered into a new phase of peoples comments; the "what if...'s"

What if she is really a he? What if you don't have a home birth? What if there's an emergency? What if she's huge? What if you aren't growing enough? What if she has red hair? What if she comes early? What if she comes really late? What if you can't breastfeed?

Believe me, I've thought of all the scenarios. You don't need to ask them.

34 week belly in the snow! +  super warm knitted sweater from my Mama. My hands disappear in snow!!

Dearest Camilla,

In life you will be given many titles. You might feel as if they define who you are, but they don't. You could be a Miss. Mrs. or Ms. An accountant, astronaunt, politician, vetenarian, artist, musician, scientist. People will ask what you 'do' and when you go through highschool you will spend hours pondering the 'doing' that needs to be done.

I wish you all the success in life and I will be praying that whatever path of 'doing' you are on it is one you are passionate about and love and I will be so proud of you. The world really is your oyster. 

I can't teach you what you want to do. That is something you have to find on your own but it is not the fulfilment in life. I will be mostly praying of who you will 'be'. I hope that your father and I can teach you and your siblings to be caring, passionate, loving, thoughtful, decisive, talented, intuitive, generous, joyful, peaceful and faithful, amongst other attributes.

Being is far more important than doing. This world is a beautiful place and your father and I hope to teach you and your siblings about living in it and enjoying life and being great citizens. We hope that whatever you 'do' you will do your best at, and whoever you will 'be' will define who you are. I will be so proud.

Love, Ma x 


  1. how cool that she gets a snowy pregnancy photo to look at later on!

  2. ok you have to be one of the most sensible first-time mothers i've come accross!! most people (myself included) go nuts getting all the gadgets, only to realise exactly what you just said - they just need somewhere to sleep, somewhere to poo/wee, something to eat and lotsa love!
    for what its worth we had a cot, basinette AND hammock for #1 and the place she slept best was cuddled up with mumma.

  3. What if you have a really amazing birth and she is totally perfect???

  4. So excited that you are having a homebirth! My daughter was born in hospital and my son was born at home. My daughters birth was pretty average for a hospital birth, but could have been better. My son's birth was wonderful. SUCH different experiences. If I were to have another child (which I will not), there is no doubt in my mind that I'd go for a homebirth again!) Are you hiring a birthing pool?


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