Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas & November LOVE BOMB Nominations are OPEN!

Its that time you've all been waiting for! Another opportunity to give to your Sisters!

Fun Fact: Did you know we have Sisters who chose to remain nameless? They are always here, lurking, giving, responding, sending me secret emails, reminding me at the end of them that I can quote them but please please dont share their name. Those secret Ninjas. Oh how I love thee. This is a shout out to our secret Ninjas!

Did you know that you shine like stars? 

Philippians 2:14-15
"Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life..."

I love all of you Sisters. I consider it a huge honor that we regularly get to join together and do something out of this world awesome - giving to strangers - It is a huge blessing to me to give and know that we have changed someones day. I hope you receive the same blessings also. Thank you for being so courageous

This brings us to our next round of LOVE BOMBs (we put it in capitals because its a big deal) 

This October we are collecting and nominating! 

We are doing two things with these bombs:

1) Bless those who might not receive anything for Christmas*. This means widows, single mums, financially struggling women etc. We are going to collect in October and send these out mid-December in time for Christmas, all wrapped up and pretty. We're going to send them luxury items. Perfumes, lotions, Absolute treats. 

(I know Christmas is a tight time for most of us (me included) so I thought if we collect in October it might elliviate some of the pressure for those who still want to give)

*We are going to do something else closer to Christmas which will involve you in your own community on the cheap, much like our baking drop, except different

2)Bless those women who go above and beyond with out being asked and without complaint. This means business owners, family women, students, single mums, and anyone else you think deserves some recognition. We are going to collect in October and send these out mid-November. This could include our usual LOVE BOMB items: beauty products, vouchers, luxuries, chocolates (!!!!), magazines, novels, crafty items and anything else you think they might enjoy (and might not be prioritised into their budgets).

Who gets a LOVE BOMB:
For the first time ever your nominations are going to be decided based a pon need and resources (whereas in the past we have just created a goal and gone for it in a first nominated first served basis). The Christmas Appeal will be a priority, and anything above and beyond that will be made into an unlimited number of LOVE BOMBs (depending on the supply of donations) for November. Nominations by previous donators of The Sisterhood will be prioritised.

Previous nominations will be put in the running for a November BOMB, unless I can tell from their description they would suit a Christmas one! No need to re-nominate those you already have in the past :)

In November once all of the nominations and donations have been received I will begin to post short bios on who we are blessing! Know in advance that they are worth it.


How to donate:
We have now exceeded our maximum amount of $ donations (before we need to be registered as a charity... which we are getting around to... but best be on the safe side) therefore all donations will need to come in a physical form. If you don't know what to buy (and I know a lot of you prefer to send money for vouchers etc) please contact me and perhaps you could buy a voucher (or put money towards it with someone else) and have it sent to HQ. Annoying I know, but has to be done this way (for now) I'm afraid.

You can send any donations to Sisterhood HQ:
The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100

If you need to courier an item please email me and ask for a physical address.

Please make sure the items you are sending are in as new condition and you think someone would really love!

If you have any questions please contact me on sophieslim (at) moo2 (dot) co (dot) nz

What do you think of our latest round of LOVE BOMBs? Will you be nominating? Donating? Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are! xx


  1. Exciting!! Remember, if there's anything I can do to help, let me know :)
    Hey, do previous nominations (since the last round of LBs) still stand or do they need to be re-submitted?

    1. Thanks Ange!

      Yes they do , they will automatically go in the running for a November BOMB, unless I can tell from the description they would suit a Christmas one! No need to re-nominate!

      I've edited this post to say this, thanks for the Q!


  2. Keen to get involved - my sister knows a single mum in need down south - will get some more info to you to nominate :)

  3. Cool! looking forward to keeping my eyes out for wonderful things to donate!!!!

  4. Thanks Sophie - I have stuff from Nin for this round and I will also do some stuff too. Let me know if there are any 'on the ground' jobs that need doing as well xxx

    1. Yus! Your Sissy will be giving you CDs too! x

  5. Hi Sophie.

    We are new to the love bomb concept but are really excited to be involved. Daft question, do we gift wrap our LB before sending to you for distribution or is that done later?

    Love and smiles from Timaru!

    Claire and children

    1. Hi Claire & Children!

      Nope, leave your gifts unwrapped, that way I can see what they are and include them with other parcels, then they all get wrapped up together :)


  6. Exciting. Also Exciting that you have reached your maximum $$$ donations - I will put the $$ I was planning to send into gifts instead. I have two ladies I'd like to nominate... will get addresses and send details through asap.

    1. Perfecto! Or beauty vouchers, perfume? Or something big ticket nice for our special xmas gifts?

  7. Hi Sophie, I am a recent joinee of the sisterhood after reading all about the amazing ninja cookie drop I decided I had to be part of this! I love the sound of the localised Christmas community idea and can't wait to hear more about it. And in the meantime will start looking for some items to send for the bigger bombs.
    What is the deadline for sending items? Have you set one yet?

    1. HI Katie! YAY! WELCOME!!

      Perfecto, hoping to receive everything in October so I can send out in Nov / Dec and not be rushed around the Silly Season!


  8. Hiya! So great to know more LOVING is just around the corner. Hoping you still have my nomination from last time...I will definitely be contributing to the Christmas one....have some handmade cards and sugar scrubs to make and send :-)


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