Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Unknown Journey of a Mother

More and more throughout this parenting journey I realise that I know so little. One morning it will dawn on me that my little girl doesn't eat her veges any more and I dont know how to change that, or that for a week the contents of her nappy was odd and suddenly fixed itself, or I will realise that no matter how hard I try to teach her to use her rocking horse to much resistance, her 6 month older cousin can teach and inspire her in the space of minutes.

Really when it comes down to it, we're stumbling our way through this life. Some places in the road are clear and mapped out, others are over grown, unchartered territory. 

I loved Miriams take on parenting, how important it is to do the journey together, to be a role model, someone your husband and children can look to. 

This week Mr Moo and I are beginning a 6 week course on parenting 0-5 year olds. We're really looking forward to do it together, getting some new (and old) information and being able to talk amongst peers. 

Do you ever have these moments? This week? Leave a comment and let me know i'm not alone!

Loving Millas Dad
Parenting with peers


  1. That is something that never ends ...even when they are teenagers we are still taking with our peers about what is normal or not....the joys of parenting is that there is never a dull moment. Have fun with the class. xx

  2. Oh yes - there are great mysteries in the journey of parenting but as far as I am concerned 1. delight in your children. Just as our big Papa does. x great post Sophie.

  3. If that's the tool box course - its great! A nice balance of training your kids & enjoying them :)

  4. My kid has grown a moustache over night. I'm not kidding! Eeeek
    And yeah tool box is awesome

    1. HAHAHHA - Awkward!??!

      Yes! Toolbox! Can't wait! :)

  5. You most definitely are not alone! I am constantly aware of how much I DON'T know and how important it is to get it right. We don't get these preschool years back! For me, the key is (and I stumble with this. Often. More than often.) prayer, prayer and more prayer. We need Supernatural help on this parenting lark!

  6. We did the tool box course and it was awesome. I find that with kids there are seasons....we had a time where Mr 5 wouldn't eat potato unless it was cut like a chip and vegetable masted and mixed with sauce. At the time it sometimes feels like what you did yesterday no longer works but the wonderful thing is...bed time- you get to start a fresh in the morning and learn and grow and look at the world through the kids. And the other great thing is there is always someone not to far away who has been through/ going through what you are doing/going though at the moment :D

  7. I don't know any parent who doesn't feel this way ALL THE TIME :)

    Nothing is ever certain with these little people of ours. All we can do is learn along with them, give everyone a chance to make mistakes and correct them, to say sorry when you need to, and allow them to be children. And be realistic in our expectations - of them, and of ourselves, too xx

  8. and then you have another child and you parent EXACTLY the same as you did the first but yet NOTHING is the same because you are dealing with a completely different personality . . .


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