Thursday, October 11, 2012

White Granny Blanket and Nail Polish

Last week I discovered my nail polish collection. When you work at a beauty salon for a few years you will inevitabily build up a collection of beauty colours and great quality polish. This purple is one of my favourites, most of the time it is so dark and is often mistaken for black.

I love love love nail polish. And I especially love crocheting with polish on.

Somehow, it just makes crochet easy. Seeing those little finger nails flash with colour while my white yarn slides through my fingers and turns into something quite incredible.

As a result I have been crocheting a lot this week, and am on the home stretch towards finishing Millas single bed blanket.

Only 5 and a half rows to go (12x15 squares). 

Do you wear nail polish? Do you ever find it changes the way you act, hold yourself and -do- life?! Leave a comment and let me know!

I always type much more elegantly with polish on ;)



  1. Yes, I love how nail polish does that to me - I think my poise changes and I'm more 'dainty' and 'lady-like'. Perhaps I should wear it more often...

    My toes are metallic-poo-brown at the moment though and I'm very NOT sold on the colour.

    The blanket looks amazing!!!! You must be so proud of it!

  2. I wear nail polish
    I love nail polish
    Nail polish maketh me
    It's the small things

  3. I love wearing nail varnish as well, I have a mix of brands, but my favourite so far is OPI as it seems to last much better than the Revlon and others. I love doing the prints on my nails too, makes me feel much more feminine.

  4. Oh yes. Nail polish is like matching underwear. I do things much more daintily, and I feel more dressed up, even if I'm just in jeans and a tee. Love the purple, and the blanket xx

  5. I don't tend to wear it on my anytime I bring it out I have two little boys that want it on. It does look awesome and makes me feel so fancy when I do wear it :D

  6. I love painted toes but for some reason I can never get polish to stay on my fingers without chipping in the first day or two.

    Love your blanket, I'm a big fan of the white border to join all the colours together too.

  7. It's looking amazing! Love getting on the home stretch... all that work becomes so worthwhile!


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