Friday, July 19, 2013

First Outing

This week I quickly went through my blog archives to find out what life was like with a newborn Milla. I was disappointed with my lack of blogging about life. I still blogged lots but about other things. What was I thinking?! Oh yeah, I didn't want to overload my friends and family with boring newborn tales. Well stuff them! This stuff needs to be remembered (especially when I'm battling with baby brain!).

Yesterday, Thursday, I got up in the morning, got two girls dressed and fed (Katie's is just under 4 weeks old) and we were out of the door in the pram and Moby wrap by 9am. WHAT. I know (wheres my medal??). There was a break in the freezing weather, the sky was clear and a balmy 11degrees and we took our chances.

Our first outing together (alone) went surprisingly well. We don't have a car because MrMoo needs to take it to work in the morning, so our only option is to walk somewhere. We're yet to buy a double pram. So.. Moby it is! I love baby snuggles in the Moby! (and our family seriously needs to sort out its transport woes. I'm going a little stir crazy stuck at home!)

On the walk to the mall a young boy yelled at me "Why do you have your kid down your top!?" (hilarious)

We met Dawn and Amanda* at our local mall and had fluffies and lattes together while all our girls played together on the indoor playground. (Katie snoozed the whole time on my chest) It was SO good to have some conversation and enjoy a real coffee! Like, really really good! It also felt good to make the walk there and use my legs and breathe in the crisp air!

We're starting to get out of that newborn recovery mode and starting to get back into real life. It feels so good (and I'm desperately ready for winter to be over with so we can get out and enjoy!)

Loving my girl friends and their equally beautiful daughters!

*Dawn and Amanda were at my birth too, more on that later...


  1. what?! What a strange thing to yell out at someone... "Why do you have your kid down your top!?". I hope you had a good come back line... "why are you such a doofus?!"

  2. So wonderful to see you getting out and enjoying every 'drop' of good weather we have this winter. Go you, you amazing Mum!

  3. There can never be enough Moo2s on the blog Soph. NEVER!

  4. Yes! go you! I needed to get out just to prove to myself i can do it! it's very rewarding! yay for lovely lovely friends :)

  5. why do you have your kid down your top! that is the best public heckle ever! ever! Love it!

  6. of course you could have yelled back - I've got more room do you want a ride too?!!

  7. I love Miriam's reply to the little boy! Classic!!


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