Friday, July 5, 2013

The Previous Two Weeks

(Getting shoes on for our first outing)

Two weeks ago it was snowing and cold, milla and I built huts and shared cups of tea. I was tired and my body was sore. 

In hindsight I wasn't that tired or that sore. That was all to come.

Today, right now, I sit on our hot couch in the sunshine, both my girls are sleeping. Two weeks have gone by so quickly. 

In those first few days the days seemed so long, I wondered if it would take a year to live out the week. Now I'm wondering if I will be able to remember these days, they are passing so quickly, I had better get blogging!

Baby Katie is doing so well. She's been a natural earth side baby, she sleeps well, and after a few days of frustration with feeding she seems to have the hang of it now. That took me by surprise, I kind of assumed she would be a natural feeder like Milla!

We visited an osteopath this morning for her feeding, she seems to only like laying on one side and has a very small latch. I've never been to an osteo but they came highly recommended so I was intrigued! She felt up her back and around her head and gave her a little massagey thing. On one side of her head the bones were separated and the other side they were stuck together, common after quick births (8 minutes pushing! huzzah!) apparently whatever she did to them should help release tension so she will be comfortable laying on both her sides. I'm so interested to see what comes of it! Since then she has slept the morning away!

I'll let you know!

We've been out on little adventures a few times in the last few weeks, I'm yet to go out by myself with the girls, and I'm feeling stronger each day. MrMoo is back at work and my Mum goes home tomorrow, so perhaps next week will be a whole different story! 

Thank you for all of your love xx

(Ps, the giveaways close on Sunday and are announced Monday! Enter them while you can :) )


  1. You are doing so well Sophie! Do let us know how Katie goes after her Osteo appointment - I have quick births too and didn't realise feeding things could be helped with osteo, even though I've heard it recommended for babies quite a lot! Onwards and upwards Moo2's!

  2. You'll be in a new groove soon enough love, just allow Katie and Milla and yourself of course time to adjust to each other .... you will be fine! :)

  3. so glad things are going well, take it slow, enjoy the slower pace xxx

  4. Enjoy your two girls and don't rush back! I've got three and having girls is great!

  5. Yay - it's a special time - just relax and enjoy x


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