Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homemade Play

I'm trying to do something intentional each day with Milla.

Last week I made play dough for the first time. What could have taken 10 minutes took me the whole. day. In between naps, hungry children and motherly demands I finally finished two batches of the soft stuff. I felt pretty proud (and exhausted. How will I ever have hobbies again!??) by the end of the day.

I used the post on homemade play dough from Modest Mom to guide me in my first attempt. The post came with free printable labels too and I used those to decorate my containers. I gave one batch away to a little Lion turning two at the weekend. The container and labels really helped make it a presentable gift!

I made two batches of the dough which gave me enough to make six smaller sized pieces. I saved the colouring for after it came off the stove because I wanted lots of smaller colours rather than one huge lot of the same.

I did destroy my skin with food colouring, next time I'll be more careful / just make one batch at the time and colour it while its in the pot!

Millas play dough tendancies are to keep the colours seperate and after I have rolled them all in balls to put them back in the container. Then out of the container. Then back in the container. And out of the container. She is so neat and so interesting to watch.

We'll be playing with this more, I think its good for her to figure out how to play with something "messy" in her own way.

So, I managed to make something! With a newborn! Huzzah!

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  1. Woop woop! Good job Mama! You didn't just make 'something', you made a double batch of multi-coloured playdough, with labels! SuperMama!

  2. my boy never never keeps the colours separate, much to my OCD dismay!

  3. Woah! Congratulations on making something! I have no idea! Little Lion LOOOVES the playdough. He loves making shapes using other toys by poking them into it, he pinches it with plyers, he jabs it with forks and sticks, he picks it up and throws it, he makes 'wheels' and sticks it on the side of his big truck's wheels.

    Thank you! I like playing with it too. :)

  4. yay for you, my boys always mix them into awful browns/sludge-y colours

  5. Well done you! My boy loves PlayDoh but it always gets smooshed together- maybe I should try homemade as I find the store brought stuff goes hard and flakey after a while.


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